How to get over the fear of travelling

However, along with all these wishes and offers, there is one part of travel that is not fun to many – flying.

The intriguing history and controversy of April Fools' Day

A good prank involves getting away without consequences.

Tactics women use to revenge on cheating partners

This week, we look at 10 ways women revenge on cheating spouses;


How to raise kids with smart money habits

If you are only happy when you get money it will also show up and children will be observing and learning from you.

Tips for couples travelling on a budget

Their mission being to travel to all seven continents within four years.

School should teach young people about real life issues

Such practical elements of life did not feature in our entire syllabus of mathematics despite being the most frequent subject in the timetable. For many, school was largely a scam.

Are men really the head of household?

The actual control rests with the woman. Women dictate literally everything that goes on under the roof, inside the bedroom, in the kitchen and all around the life we have built together.

May 2024 bring you closer to your dreams

Ahead lies 365 days with no mistakes in them. There are so many opportunities to live to our full potential, to repair bonds with family and friends and to make time for ourselves.

We are either too rich or poor to sleep

Widespread lack of sleep is the silent catastrophe that has struck many parts of the country. Many are being kept awake, either figuring out where the next meal will come from.

Ladies, look for a provider, not a wealthy man

Who told us our only chance of getting out of poverty is in the hands of men? Who told us that we cannot be self-sufficient in our own right?

Twelve hot nuggets for the New Year

Pick something you can easily complete. Write it down and see how great it can help improve your skills, life, health and save an extra coin.

Bring back the Uhuru Park family bonding days this new year

It was nice to see many families going in and out of the park. All over the world parks are important and are good for family bonding.

Wish for wealth as you make your New Year resolutions

Even when you are making all these resolutions, you know the chances of not fulfilling them are extremely high because they are sponsored by an empty bank account.

For women, Christmas means breaking their backs

They will send you to the river six times to test your wife materialness. And after breaking your back fetching water, you will still be required in the traditional kitchen.

Ring or not, ladies, follow him to shags!

Accompany him to his shags this year even if he has not put a ring on it. You are already eating him in his flat in Nairobi, and thus accompanying him to his village is not going to be a big deal.

Wababa are on official recess until January

Goat wives have slowly accepted the fact that the loves of their lives also have other loves out there, and ‘as long as he’s providing for the main family’, it’s no big deal.

When men finally turn into Santa Claus

If you had purposed to build yourself a house this year and haven’t done so by now, console yourself in that Jesus was practically homeless, yet we celebrate him every year.

Will CBC be the gamechanger in Kenya's education journey?

Some might say that Moi’s 8-4-4 was a decolonising moment; others, that the CBC makes education more relevant for the ‘modern Kenyan situation’.

Men are poor decision-makers when it really matters

The saddest of all is that a majority of them can make a lifelong decision based on the size of a woman’s posterior and sometimes the shape of her forehead.

The economy is bad, but not for everyone

In the same bad economy, new millionaires are rolled out every day. There will be putting up palatial homes at the same time your one-room landlord is threatening to kick you out for rent arrears.