Awuor Omino

Women may fight polygamy but truth is it favours them

By Awuor Omino   2023-11-11 02:32:23

We understand the background, but because the excitement of equaling everything men do is the order of the day, we fight it as if it is an illegality that should qualify as a capital offence.

Boys will always be boys, let's accept it

By Awuor Omino   2023-11-12 18:05:25

The differences may manifest as mere biases in temperament and play style—but are amplified as children’s pink-or blue-tinted brains meet our gender responsibilities.

Like it or not, being single is not fun

By Awuor Omino   2023-11-17 08:48:13

Never in the course of human existence has dating been more calculated than today, with players aiming daggers at one another for self-defence

Gender wars have ruined dating and relationships

By Awuor Omino   2023-11-18 15:24:32

Because relationships have become purely transactional, the project script specifies what each gender should be doing at different ages.

For men, hot is way better than smart

By Awuor Omino   2023-11-19 16:09:41

The positioning of women in social space is predominantly judged by their sexual market value, which is largely based on how beautiful she is – pretty face, small waist, and a substantial posterior.

For most men, hot is way better than smart

By Awuor Omino   2023-11-23 11:05:09

Social interactions do not owe recognition to whatever title or education a woman may have. Human relationships still consider a woman primarily in terms of her beauty

'Anti-underwear club' a preserve of the modern woman

By Awuor Omino   2023-11-25 13:53:35

What used to be proper underwear for ladies is now termed ‘mothers’ union’, a derogatory title meant to shame any young woman who still goes around with her entire butt cheeks covered.

Why women thrive on compliments

By Awuor Omino   2023-12-01 00:37:52

If you want to keep a "loyal" wife or girlfriend, always remind them that they are loved. If you forget to give them that, they will become desperate for it

Women thrive on compliments, attention

By Awuor Omino   2023-12-02 16:09:36

If we are starved of attention from our man then we spontaneously start shopping around for it, we start listening more keenly to every positive word the pastor or boss throws our way.

Why men and women are always at war

By Awuor Omino   2023-12-07 14:25:44

The feminist streak is the modern woman loathes toxic masculinity yet we all melt at the sight of a powerful man that can lead us, protect us and provide for us and our children.

Why couples are always at war

By Awuor Omino   2023-12-08 09:32:57

The hullabaloo surrounding modern relationships has no clear foundation. The warring parties are either reluctant to point out the real cause or are clueless about why they keep fighting

Ladies, embrace your natural selves

By Awuor Omino   2023-12-15 11:15:51

Dear girlchild, be comfortable in your skin and embrace your naturalness. Do not bend backwards to make changes to your body, especially physical modifications

Ladies, never change your appearance to please a man

By Awuor Omino   2023-12-16 17:36:57

We are all created differently but we are all beautiful in the eyes of not only God but also these men who we tend to be worried about.

Men are poor decision-makers when it really matters

By Awuor Omino   2023-12-17 13:18:55

The saddest of all is that a majority of them can make a lifelong decision based on the size of a woman’s posterior and sometimes the shape of her forehead.

Ring or not, ladies, follow him to shags!

By Awuor Omino   2023-12-22 17:28:16

Accompany him to his shags this year even if he has not put a ring on it. You are already eating him in his flat in Nairobi, and thus accompanying him to his village is not going to be a big deal.

OPINION: Visiting people's homes unannounced is callous and impolite!

By Awuor Omino   2023-12-26 15:44:12

While human beings are known to be social animals, I guess, some people are taking this ‘social’ bit too far.

Are men really the head of household?

By Awuor Omino   2024-01-09 15:39:54

The actual control rests with the woman. Women dictate literally everything that goes on under the roof, inside the bedroom, in the kitchen and all around the life we have built together.

School should teach young people about real life issues

By Awuor Omino   2024-01-10 04:35:25

Such practical elements of life did not feature in our entire syllabus of mathematics despite being the most frequent subject in the timetable. For many, school was largely a scam.

Value systems grow in marriage

By Awuor Omino   2024-02-17 14:25:40

Beyond inherited genes, environmental factors play a huge role in shaping our personalities and, by extension, the kinds of relationships we form and maintain with other people

Opinion: Got a crush on him? Shoot your shot!

By Awuor Omino   2024-02-27 12:12:48

The modern woman is once again at a crossroads. She is liberated, intelligent and independent, but afraid to ask a man out