Like it or not, being single is not fun

Like it or not, being single is not fun (Photo: iStock)

Never in the course of human existence has dating been more calculated than today, with players aiming daggers at one another for self-defence. If a man kills a girl, who has been receiving cash from him under the pretext of love, some men will justify the cat while some women will label the man as weak and cannot stand losing a few coins.

Some groups will swing to action to ensure such people are punished. Men, on the other hand, lacking the skills to win such fights, will most likely end up in jail. They are satisfied by the fact that the money eater is no longer alive.

We have evolved into a generation that both despises and relies on one another. We’re joined at the hip, like Siamese twins standing at the mouth of Bermuda’s triangle, staring into the darkness inside. Because the sword is double-edged, the more we aim the dagger at the other party, the more it stabs us, which we stubbornly refuse to accept.

In reality, this is a bloody war that no one appears to be winning as we maintain a straight face in public and ignore the cries and complaints of the other gender. Finally, we’re left bleeding in the ring - and dying together while gripping the opponent’s jugular vein tightly.
In the midst of the rage, it is fair to say that we as a society have decided that two dead are better than one.

Our news channels are flooded with deaths resulting from love triangles or crimes of passion.

Cases of spouses killing each other are also on the rise, with gunmen in high demand to eliminate a wife or a husband here or there. Our generation is at a watershed moment in which love is being called into question and pushed down the pecking order by otherwise very logical arguments. Love is now dismissed as a lack of reasoning. Arithmetically, each side has a well-planned matrix outlining how long dating must last.

Because relationships have become purely transactional, the project script specifies what each gender should be doing at different ages.

Girls are encouraged to avoid the outdated trend of early marriages in their twenties, instead focusing on having fun and pushing themselves to the highest level of education and corporate positioning before considering marriage.

Childbearing is a shackle that they are encouraged to put off as long as possible. Men, on the other hand, believe that young men should spend their adolescence developing a masculine frame in order to be in control of their future. The result of these calculated moves is that women spend their best years strutting the streets in high heels and bossing life while riding on machines owned by married men who can afford the cost of a good life at the time.

Male counterparts who feel cheated out of the juicy years of their female counterparts mature in their forties and look for younger women to replicate the cycle.

It is common knowledge that no high-security barrier can deter a woman from seeking a masculine grip.

In the long run, while we are locked in an endless battle trying to figure out how men and women must relate, we are all fainting in the ring and bleeding to death.


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