For most men, hot is way better than smart

For most men, hot is way better than smart (Photo: iStock)

There are professions whose process of qualification is truly more vigorous than others and takes longer.

To be a doctor or engineer costs six intense years or even more if the student happens to encounter any delays on the way. Throw in another year of rigorous internship when people who opted for sociology, anthropology, and teaching are already earning an income and you will start to understand just how much one has to sacrifice to earn those prestigious prefixes before their names.

The sad bit is that life as a social platform remains an equaliser that holds no regard even for the perks such professions might confer. Social interactions also owe no recognition to whatever title education might confer one. The point here is that human relationships still view a woman from a point of beauty before anything else.

I know this is something that men are grappling with and would wish to change. It is a matter of prime concern that has dominated headlines each time a supposed men’s conference is called to discuss the dynamics of why and how the boychild is sacrificing and suffering in heterosexual relationships.

But some realities of life are hard-wired and take long to challenge. For example, the positioning of women in social space is predominantly judged by their sexual market value, which is largely only based on how beautiful she is – pretty face, small waist, and a substantial posterior in the case of Africans. We are born with it.

We don’t have to work hard to be beautiful in the eyes of men, all we need is to grow into it with age, and the moment our hips spread out life butterflies ready to take off, the sons of Adam are already lining up with offers in exchange for an opportunity to mate.

But if you want peace, first, marry her publicly in front of man and God and take her to your people then spend the next four years reproducing with her so that assuming she takes off you will have at least harvested her beauty and passed it down to your next generation. 

But do men listen? 


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