Men are poor decision-makers when it really matters


Men are the lousiest of learners. They are easy-to-manipulate. In fact, I think when God created humans in his image it was women that he invested more time in.

How else do you explain their tendency to work the hardest and fall easily from the pinnacle because of avoidable mistakes that they have seen destroy their species time and time again.

How for generations they have failed to discern the genome of females takes special congenital malfunction that we can only blame on creation. For a lack of better term, it would only be appropriate to state that men are bone from the neck. What happened to learning from experience?

Even in their peak performance when they can play dangerous sports and even conquer a burning forest, they get married for flimsy reasons that would never convince a toddler. They fall for eyes, skin complexion, voice tone, which in most cases have been manipulated by women. The saddest of all is that a majority of them can make a lifelong decision based on the size of a woman’s posterior and sometimes the shape of her forehead.

You see, all women will tell you that their life choices are based on verifiable success measured in terms of money and other material possessions - a big car, land and say some pending contracts.

No woman has ever chosen a man based on a sizable butt because we are blessed with brains to recognise that the purpose of the gluteal muscle is to cushion one from dangerous posterior falls and to hold pants is place.

And who made them believe that they are actually the ones who need us. That, we are the prize. To the extent that the modern-day man takes pride in kneeling down before lady to propose for marriage.

Someone should tip men off that in the animal kingdom, it is the females who mostly choose mates. It is also women who determine whether a marriage holds or falls apart. Usually, we have to find a reason to base the fallout that leaves the man looking bad while we achieve our aim of moving out and on to the next monkey.


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