Nazizi shares painful birthday without son Jazeel

Nazizi shares painful birthday without son Jazeel and her brother. (Courtesy)

Kenyan musician Nazizi has shared a heartbreaking Instagram post as she commemorates her birthday without her son, Jazeel.

In her emotional caption, she expressed the pain of celebrating without her loved ones, stating, "What a bloody painful Birthday without my baby."

Nazizi said she found some solace in the thought that her son and sibling are together, with Firoz taking care of Jazeel.

“The comfort is supposed to be in knowing that even though the 2 people I love the most are not with me today, they are together and that Firoz is taking care of @jazeeladam for me ... just imagine that being the comfort. Life stopped making sense to me,” she added.

Nazizi also thanked her friend, Tallia Oyando, for a portrait that touched her heart during this grieving period.

She opened up on the difficulty of picturing her son and sibling together until receiving this gift.

“@talliaoyando, thanks for this portrait it's one of the things I got while grieving that really touched my heart. Even though Firoz and Jaz are literally buried side by side, I couldn't picture them together till u gave me this gift...,” wrote Nazizi.

She concluded the post by saying, "My heart is 6 feet under,” alongside hashtags #worstfeeling, #worstbirthdayever.

Nazizi confirmed Jazeel's passing in a statement posted on her social media page.

According to the statement, Jazeel tragically lost his life in an accident at a hotel in Tanzania on Christmas day. He was laid to rest in Nairobi per his religious customs.

Expressing the profound loss, Nazizi described the void left by Jazeel's absence as immeasurable and the pain as unbearable.

“We lost this young soul in an unfortunate accident at a hotel where the family was staying. He was buried earlier today in Nairobi, in accordance with his religion.

“In these dark times, the light of a child’s life – in all its innocence and joy – is undeniably the purest. The void left by the loss is both immeasurable and the pain is unbearable,” read the statement in part.

She appealed for privacy and understanding from the media and her fans as she mourned the death of her son.

"We kindly request everyone to allow Nazizi and her family the space they need to begin the healing process," the statement read.



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