Fareed Khimani: A journey of resilience and self-determination

Fareed Khimani [File]

In the realm of radio waves, there emerged a luminary whose voice was pure gold – Fareed Khimani. 

With seamless grace, he moved from the magnetic realm of radio to the enchanting world of television, captivating audiences with not just his resonant voice, but also unparalleled style, charm and charisma.

During his prime, Fareed embarked on a quiet journey to Switzerland, where amidst the majestic Alps, he quietly exchanged vows with his beloved. For his devoted fans, it was a bittersweet revelation as they caught glimpses of his secretive union splashed across the glossy pages of magazines.

On the day of the long-awaited interview, we were captivated by the ambience surrounding Fareed’s residence it was nothing short of enchanting. The expansive compound exuded an air of tranquillity, each structure infused with its distinctive allure.

The elevator whisked us to his doorstep, where a tiny dog yapped, trying to shoo us off. Yet, Fareed welcomed us cheerfully.

Fareed’s flair for design, meticulous and vibrant, was evident in every corner of his space.

His place overflowed with character, boasting a kaleidoscope of colours, inviting textures, and an impeccably arranged layout. The living room boasted an eclectic blend, showcasing stunning Victorian chairs crafted by hand, each one a marvel.

Fareed Khimani's living room

Soft lighting enveloped his space, casting a warm glow that set the perfect ambience – the fixtures he chose were undeniably distinctive and remarkable.

The massive sliding window doors offered a tantalizing glimpse of his cosy balcony, which in turn overlooked a breathtaking landscape and a glistening swimming pool.

The other luxurious blue chaise, adorned with cosy throw pillows, exuded a vibrant personality and created an inviting space.

Adorning his pristine white walls are not just art pieces, but tales spun from vibrant colours and intricate strokes. What's truly captivating is that every artwork in his collection is a cherished token from friends and clients, each carrying its narrative, weaving a tapestry of connections and memories.

His wooden floor exudes a welcoming warmth. Adorning it are exquisite Persian carpet rags, each a cherished gift from his beloved late mother.

These intricate tapestries not only add a touch of elegance but also serve as a constant reminder of the deep bond he shares with her, making them precious treasures indeed.

However, his journey has been far from easy. Battling alcoholism and drug addiction, he sought rehabilitation in South Africa. But upon his return, he faced yet another setback when his ex-wife left with their children.

Though it marked his lowest point, it also presented an opportunity for him to rebuild himself from the ground up.

Just as he triumphed over addiction, another devastating blow struck - his mother fell ill and eventually passed away.

"My mum's passing is bittersweet," he reflected.

 "During her illness, I made a point to have lunch with her every Sunday and spent ample time by her side. At least she saw me sober, something she hadn't witnessed for the better part of my adult life, which is quite heart-breaking" he explained.

Standing beside an outstanding vintage bar he inherited, memories flooded back, reminiscent of his father's routine. Like clockwork, every 5.30pm, the familiar sound of whisky pouring filled the air, a ritual his father adhered to without fail.

The first picture he picked up from his outstanding console table was of his father in his prime, bearing a striking resemblance to himself. When I asked about the character trait he inherited from his father, he responded with a laugh; "My quick temper."

Fareed's portraits and pieces of art.

He empathized with his late father, believing that he also endured trauma during his era, and thus, he doesn't hold him entirely responsible for being unavailable emotionally.

To this day, Fareed remains a pillar of strength for his children, navigating a path of resilience and self-belief to forge a new beginning.

When asked about his coping mechanisms in the absence of alcohol, his response was nothing short of compelling: "I channel my energy into rigorous workouts, immerse myself in my work, savour coffee moments with cherished friends, and curate a fresh circle of companions. Plus, I've made a firm decision to bid farewell to late-night revelries and post-event gatherings.

He spoke fondly of his boys with reverence.

"My children are my anchor, my beacon of pure love," he confided. "I strive for them to remember me not as a victim of addiction, but as a warrior who fought tirelessly to rebuild our bond out of sheer love."

Next to his dining area stands a bookshelf, brimming with volumes of wisdom and shelves laden with accolades.

But it's the table that steals the spotlight – with a massive crack running through it, it tells a tale of defiance and consequence.

"I picked this table myself," he shares with a chuckle, recalling the warning from the carpenter that it hadn't fully dried. "I brushed off his advice, and well, three months later, here we are," he jokes, gesturing to the uneven legs with a grin.

When I asked about dating, he said he's seeing someone and has introduced her to his children.

When I teased him about being off the market leaving potential suitors heartbroken, he cheekily replied, “I didn't say I'm married," he responded with a mischievous grin.

In his ensuite bedroom, a striking palette of black and white dominates the space, with a captivating art piece serving as the focal point. Sleek, black furniture adds to the modern allure of the room, creating a sanctuary of style and sophistication.

Fareed's ensuite bedroom.

Fareed's love for collecting sunglasses is legendary, with his impeccable collection reflecting his discerning taste and eye for detail.

What's next for Fareed?

“I have a couple of investments," he revealed with a spark of excitement.

As for potential television appearances, he remains enigmatic, keeping us all guessing about his next big project.

His journey of resilience and self-determination is truly inspiring, and we can't help but wish him boundless success in all his future endeavours.

Fareed Khimani

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