Man killed by mob for killing his brother over meat

Man allegedly stabs his bother over liver meat. [Wilberforce Okwiri,standard]

Police in Busia County have launched investigations into the death of a man killed by a mob after he allegedly stabbed his brother to death during a quarrel over meat in Teso North.

Busia County Commander Ahmed Abdile said they had launched investigations into the incident.

“Our officers have started investigating the matter and culprits must face murder charges,” said Abdile.

Abdile blamed the residents for taking the law into their own hands.

“It’s very wrong for residents to take matters into their own hands because we have the law that can handle such cases.

“I urge residents to always report to the police instead of taking action by themselves,” he said.

James Ocharo,57, had a disagreement with his younger brother Gracio Ogula on how to share the liver of a cow that had been slaughtered for a relative’s burial ceremony.

During the quarrel, Ocharo stabbed Ogula in the belly, killing him on the spot.

He then fled into a sugarcane plantation. A neighbour, Joseph Ojuma, claimed the man threatened to kill anyone who would try to go near him. “This made us notify other residents who launched a manhunt,” he said.

Ojuma said that Ocharo was smoked out of his hideout on Monday night by irate villagers.

“We surrounded the sugar farm and successfully brought him out of the farm on Monday night. He had become a threat and since he had a bad blood of killing his brother, villagers wanted revenge,” said Ojuma.

He said that on flushing him out, the villagers beat him to death.

Elsewhere in Sinyenye village, Budalangi, a 19-year-old man was found dead with a suicide note beside him.

Stephen Akhabas body was found hanging from the rooftop of his house.

Bunyala OCPD Isaiah Mose said they suspected the man committed suicide.

“The contents of the suicide note hinted at domestic wrangles in the family. Even the deceased wife whereabouts remain unknown,” said Mose.


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