Ephy Saint's take on co-parenting

Ephy Saint

Actor Ephy Saint recently took to social media to address the issue of co-parenting, emphasizing the importance of appreciating each other's contributions to a child's life.

In an Instagram post, the renowned actor expressed his frustration with individuals who fail to acknowledge the efforts of the other parent, dismissing it as a mere responsibility.

He drew a parallel between parenting and prayer, highlighting that people express gratitude to God for fulfilling their needs, but often neglect to appreciate parents for their role in their children's lives.

Ephy argued against the notion that if one parent fulfills a duty, the other should not be grateful, likening it to being ungrateful for blessings received from God or assistance from one's own mother.

“The idea that if you are, as a mom or dad, does something for the child, your partner should not be grateful because that is your responsibility. That is like saying, if you pray to God to give you something and He gives it to you, you won’t say thank you because He is your father and he is supposed to be giving you everything you want,” he said.

Ephy emphasized that gratitude is essential not only to recognize the fulfilment of parental responsibilities but also to acknowledge when those responsibilities are carried out effectively.

He stated, "Being grateful doesn’t mean you don’t recognize the role that he plays, you have to be grateful because he is playing his role right. The same I am grateful you bore me a child."

His sentiments come in the wake of revelations from his baby mama, Chantelle Petit, who disclosed that she is solely responsible for raising their daughter without financial support from the child's father.

Chantelle detailed her role as the primary provider, covering school fees, food expenses, and healthcare bills for her daughter. Despite their attempts to co-parent, she revealed that their relationship dynamic often leads to disagreements, with highs and lows in their communication.

“There are moments we are communicating, the moments where we have been fighting, moments where we are not in communication at all. When we are on the high you will obviously see a picture of him and Summer on social media or you’ll see a video like the one I uploaded during Summer’s birthday. We have tried to co-parent. The lows however are very low.

“It would reach points in our interaction where it would become very unbearable that I would just opt to go quiet because at the end of the day fighting adds no value to anybody’s life, not even him,” she added.


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