One-on-one with Seroney


Talk to us about your passion for law

I wanted to be an entertainment lawyer, there are a lot of areas that need improvements within the music and creative industries and I wanted to gain the knowledge to help my career and the industry generally. I discovered my passion for music remained strong as I felt alive within music studios, on stage and generally the music scene made me happy and I decided to focus on what made me happy.

Did your legal background ever influence your songwriting or the themes you explore in your music?

My legal background has influenced my music business side more than the songwriting or themes within my music. I believe in artistic freedom so when I write I don’t limit my creativity I let the spirits guide me and every session is magical in its way.  However, within the music industry and on the music business side, my legal background helps a lot as I know contracts, IP, copyright, publishing etc. So I can avoid being taken advantage of and I can share the knowledge through NUAfrica Pamoja Foundation.

Your single ‘Shuga’ launched your career in a big way. What was the experience of having such a massive hit?

‘Shuga’ became a big hit while I was finalizing my last academic year in law school. This became an issue due to the demands of Law school which led me to drop out and I did not push through with admission to the Bar. I followed my musical dream. The inspiration behind the song was again never planned but rather perfect timing between me and the producer “Vicky pon dis”. The other day one of my fans told me that ‘Shuga’ was the first Arbantone song in Kenya eight years before now Arbantone. I guess I was ahead of the pack. The single gained international recognition.

How do collaborations influence your creative process, and what do you look for in a potential collaborator?

I have worked with Masauti and Exray on ‘Wiggle’, which began a major hit show. The song was off my debut album. I enjoyed working with Masauti and he is an amazing artiste and person. I have worked with several artistes I never plan but rather follow the energy between us.

Your debut album ‘Am A Star’ recently came out under Universal Music Group Kenya. What stories and emotions did you aim to capture with this album?

The album introduces various musical styles, from R&B on songs like ‘Nobody’ and 'Pick up the Phone' to Swahili dancehall songs like ‘Wiggle’, ‘Nakutamani’ and ‘Whine it’. The album was an affirmation to myself and my fans that anyone can be a star just believe in yourself.

Your lyrics often tell a story. Where do you draw inspiration for your songwriting?  

I draw my inspiration from life, myself and my friends. I want my music to bring good vibes to the listeners

Your music video for ‘Shuga’ was filmed in your hometown of Machakos. Does your upbringing and Kenyan identity play a role in shaping your music?

Yes, very much Kenyan culture is a blend of many various cultures. My music brings various elements to represent music that can cut across many cultures with Kenya, Africa and generally International. My music is local and International at the same time. It's only a matter of time. Big shout out to my home town Machakos

You’re also a filmmaker. How do you see these two creative forces potentially intersecting in your future projects?

Music is now more rewarding than ever in history and as an artiste, the visual part of your music is very important. The best way to save money and present the vision is by doing it yourself or a certain percentage of the product. I’m now learning how to also produce music to become more effective in my creative process. Music is changing and if you don’t change with it you will fall out. 

You have a new project out, ‘Inama’, what is the inspiration behind the project?

‘Inama’ is my latest single together with Vicky Pon Dis who gave you ‘Shuga’. The song is a club banger (and) an easy sing-along track and set for the dancehall scene. This year I will release songs geared toward taking my spot within the music scene. I will shock the world get ready.


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