'People are petty,' Cebbie Koks addresses deleting husband's photos

Steve Ogolla and Cebbie Koks. [File]

Cebbie Koks, the younger sister of Kenyan singer Akothee, recently addressed questions regarding her decision to remove photos of her husband, Steve Ogolla, from social media.

In a discussion on "Dialogues with Jagero," when directly asked about the deletion of these images, Koks opted for a response that avoided the direct issue, instead criticizing the focus on such personal details as trivial and 'petty.'

"People are petty and I would say media is petty because I have a business in the same context. Why are they not amplifying that? Why are we looking at things that don't matter? Like does it even matter to you that I changed my name or deleted my photos? It doesn't matter," Koks stated.

She advocated for privacy and the right to live comfortably without conforming to public or social media expectations.

Further discussing her personal life, Koks spoke about her marriage in an interview with Lynn Ngugi, confirming her marriage in 2022 and expressing deep value for the experience.

"About 2022, I got married, and that is what makes me a married woman. A wedding I cherish, and I was up for it, and even in another life, I would still want to have a wedding like that – fame regardless," she shared.

However, she hesitated to label her husband as her friend, citing the early stage of their marriage and expressing a desire to see him succeed and achieve his ambitions.

The couple celebrated their commitment through a grand traditional wedding ceremony in December 2022, surrounded by loved ones.

During the opening of Chateau 254 Cellar Gastro Club, a venture by her niece Vesha Okello, Cebbie offered insights into her relationship during an interview.

She described their meeting as serendipitous, stating, "How we met is a long story. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment, but it felt like we were both prepared for what was to come."

Cebbie openly discussed the inevitable challenges that come with the start of a marriage, yet remained optimistic about their resolution.

"Every marriage has its hurdles in the initial stages as you're getting to know each other. We're fortunate because we share the same vision, making it easier to overcome these challenges. He's an understanding partner, and we're both keen on learning about each other," she explained.


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