Arbantone growing but stars are MIA

A snippet of YBW's son 'Pic'

A new wave is here, capturing the hearts and minds of Gen Z and Millennials alike. Just as Gengetone once swept the nation in 2018, a fresh sound emerges from the depths of innovation, ushering in a musical era dubbed 'Arbantone'.

Arbantone, a novel sound on the Kenyan music scene, is an amalgamation of creative ingenuity, birthed from the minds of producers and Gen Z artistes seeking to redefine the boundaries of musical expression.

Drawing inspiration from various genres, Arbantone remixes familiar beats and lyrics, breathing new life into previously released songs.

Yet, amidst the euphoria of this musical revolution, a palpable absence lingers – the visible disappearance of some of Arbantone's most prominent artistes.

These are the very figures who are dominating TikTok, accumulating millions of views with their catchy tunes and infectious rhythms.

Since the decline of Gengetone, these rising stars seem to have retreated from the limelight, leaving audiences and industry insiders alike puzzled by their absence on the stages they once graced.

What has left fans perplexed is the disconnect between the immense traction Arbantone artistes garner on social media platforms and their conspicuous absence from live performances and major events.

Despite their songs going viral and receiving acclaim from global audiences, the likes of Soundkraft, renowned for the infectious track TikToker with over 1 million views on YouTube, and YBW Smith, whose hits Lele, Anapiga Pic, and Niko na Dem have taken the internet by storm, remain conspicuously absent from the spotlight.

Similarly, the duo Kappy and Tipsy Gee, creators of the chart-topping sensation Usiniadvise, along with Gody Tennor and Sean MMG, the voices behind Kuja Ivo and Hii Ndo Inabamba, as well as Lil Maina and Ebola Mkuu, each celebrated for their viral hits, have seemingly vanished from the public eye.

What could be the cause of this sudden retreat? Is it the reluctance of event promoters to book these emerging talents, failing to recognise their burgeoning potential?

Or perhaps, it is the artistes' inexperience with live performances, causing them to shy away from the grandeur of the stage?

Whatever the reason, the absence of these rising stars is being keenly felt.

And as Arbantone continues to captivate audiences worldwide through TikTok challenges and social media acclaim, one cannot help but wonder when these elusive hitmakers will once again grace the stage, reclaiming their rightful place in the spotlight.

Until then, the mystery of their disappearance only adds to the intrigue surrounding Kenya's ever-evolving music culture, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their triumphant return.


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