Davido samples ugali and omena courtesy of Dennis Ombachi

Davido samples ugali and omena. (Courtesy)

Nigerian music sensation Davido, known offstage as David Adedeji Adeleke, got a taste of the Kenyan culture during his recent visit to Nairobi over the Easter weekend.

The singer had a culinary experience when he sampled a local dish of ugali and omena.

In a video circulating online, Davido paid a visit to Dennis Ombachi, a former rugby player who has transitioned into a celebrated online chef.

Ombachi warmly welcomed Davido and introduced him to the traditional Kenyan dish. "This is small fish fresh from Lake Victoria," Ombachi explained.

Davido wasted no time in diving into the plate of omena accompanied by brown ugali. After savoring a few bites, he gave a nod of approval.

Ombachi, who seemed delighted by Davido's response, grinned proudly.

In an interview with TikTok Nigeria, Davido revealed his admiration for Ombachi, who is popularly known as the Roaming Chef on social media platforms.

He confessed that he follows Ombachi's content because his wife has a passion for cooking, and he appreciates the food videos shared by the talented chef.

Davido's visit to Nairobi coincided with the Raha Festival 2024, a two-day event held at Uhuru Gardens.

As one of the headline performers, Davido gave the audience an electrifying performance, alongside other notable artists such as King Promise from Ghana and Kenya's own Mejja.

Ombachi's rise to fame surged during the Covid season when he began sharing his cooking adventures online.

His knack for preparing mouthwatering meals and sharing them with his audience garnered him a massive following.


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