MP to stop scholarships for pregnant girls, students who go for disco matanga

Khwisero MP Christopher Aseka. [File, Standard]

An MP has promised to discontinue bursaries awarded to girls who fall pregnant and to students who attend disco matanga.

Khwisero MP Christopher Aseka said he would not entertain bursaries being wasted on irresponsible students.

The legislator spoke at Mwihila Boys Secondary School during a meeting that brought together more than 1,000 needy students and their parents.

Aseka regretted that many girls enjoying the scholarship had dropped out of school due to pregnancy.

“For me, once you become a teen mother forget about the scholarship. I will terminate it and give it to someone else who wants to utilise the funding and excel in his/her academics,” said Aseka.

“Some of you have been lured by hundred shillings and conceived. If we find out that you are under this (CDF) scholarship programme and are pregnant we will automatically terminate your scholarship,” he added.

The MP added that he had also directed school heads in his constituency to remove indiscipline students from the scholarship.

“I have given firm instructions to our principals and on this I have no apologies. If you are indisciplined we will remove you from our scholarship programme,” said Aseka.

“We have already removed some irredeemably unruly students from the programme and we are going to remove others if they cannot change,” said Aseka.

Aseka said he would liaise with parents and officers to report any student who goes for disco matanga.

“Funerals have greatly contributed to high cases of teenage pregnancy,” said Aseka.

“We are serious about this programme because it has helped many students. That is why we want parents to take a leading role and own the programme by instilling discipline in their children.”


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