Janet Mbugua discusses reuniting with high school sweetheart after years apart

Media personality Janet Mbugua. (JanetMbugua/Instagram)

Media personality Janet Mbugua recently shared a personal story about reconnecting with her high school sweetheart after many years apart.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel on April 14, Janet discussed the reasons behind reaching out and the current status of their relationship.

She explained that watching the movie 'Half-Life' inspired her to reflect on past connections and take action.

"After watching the movie, I decided to call someone from my high school days," Janet revealed. "The film reminded me of that person, and I wanted to understand why we never ended up together."

Reflecting on their past, she continued, "At every juncture of my life, he was there and at the very bare minimum, he's my friend. I called him and I was like hey why do you think we never ended up together? First I put a disclaimer and said I wanted to ask something but it should not feel offensive or confusing am just curious to know why."

During their conversation, Janet and her former sweetheart discussed the challenges they faced in their younger years.

"We realized that maybe we weren't mature enough back then," Janet shared. “Even though we had times when we were technically together somebody would just step down that I was too busy, or not ready or this was too much for me. And now here you are. You are both grown."

Following their honest discussion, Janet described their current relationship as friendly and collaborative.

“The way it is right now is more like we can still get together, spend time, talk about work, and collaborate without feeling you know..." she continued.

To conclude Janet emphasized the importance of finding closure and making peace with past relationships.

"The bottom line is sometimes you have to think of the closure as something you have to make peace with. You have to find your own,” she said.


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