Michelle Ntalami: A voice called me thrice, my life raced before my eyes

Michelle Ntalami

Content creator Michelle Ntalami on Thursday detailed her life-changing encounter with God, and how she was on the verge of giving up before she was saved.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the entrepreneur said she had been instructed by God to share her testimony in a bid to positively impact people’s lives.

She said it all began on August 21, 2023, when she heard all sorts of scary voices in her head telling her she had reached the end and her best days were behind her.

Ntalami said the spirit of death was so powerful at that time and for the first time, she started thinking about God more deeply.

“I recall this one time I was by myself in that moment and I heard very very scary voices or thoughts in my head telling me that this is the end of my life and my best days are behind me and I can forget about ever having a bright future.

“I could literally see death…it's almost like there was a spirit of death and darkness surrounding me at the time and it was so tangible and in that moment for the first time I thought of God for the very first time I had in terms of really thinking about who is God because I felt like I am my spirit is leaving and I am going to meet my maker very soon,” she said.

Ntalami said she cried out to God and begged for His mercy because she felt unworthy and was afraid of where she would go in the afterlife.

It was at this moment that she saw a bright light and felt a warm embrace of love in her spirit.

“It's so difficult to put this into words but it surrounded me and then it blinded me and threw me to the floor on my knees literally thrust me to the floor and I could not get up and I could not see anything.

“My eyes were shut but I could see visions. I could see this light approaching me and a very thunderous beautiful voice called out my name three times Michelle Michelle Michelle and I responded on the third time in that moment I knew I was in the presence of the Lord and I just said yes Lord…and as soon as I said that, this light began approaching me even more and started showing me visions and the Lord spoke to me and he told me yes I am real yes I have seen your pain throughout your entire life and I have been there through it all every step of the way,” she said.

Her life then flashed in front of her eyes, in detail, as she began seeing all the things she had done for the past few years and where she disobeyed God.

“The Lord then began showing me my life from when I was a young adult and the reason he started showing me this is because he was showing me all my sins…all the sins that I have ever committed since like I was in my 20s. He showed me all my sin in visions…it's like I lived my life in that moment I could see everything and He was very very serious about this He did not mince his words,” she said.

Ntalami said she asked for forgiveness for her sins and was also instructed to forgive those who had wronged her.

She said there is power in prayer and she intends to use her talents and influence to spread God’s word.

“This Michelle who was rejected, insulted and abused and taken for granted…the Lord changed her story. The Lord wrote her story. She's no longer that Michelle that people said she was. She's no longer the trampled-on Michelle.

“Guys the Lord changed my identity,” she said.


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