Jaqueen: I lost my phone while visiting my boyfriend


Jaqueen is a jack of all trades. She is a singer/vocalist, songwriter, fashion-lover, part-time makeup artist and an actress.

The 24-year-old University of Nairobi student has featured in a couple of films such as Crime and Justice, Njoro wa Uba, and Single Kiasi.

She will be releasing her debut single in March.

Although she is now well acquainted with Nairobi’s streets, she had no idea what was going on around her a short time ago, and the streets do not forgive. The script is almost identical for newcomers in town, and the cons have the same gameplay and ability to smoke out a newcomer.

“There was this time when I came to Nairobi, not on my first day, but I was so new in Nairobi. I had come to see my boyfriend, so I didn’t tell anyone at home,” she says. She boldly travelled to Nairobi to meet her heartthrob, an experience that left her heart pounding.

She had a few notes and her younger sister’s phone, as she didn’t have her own.

Her boyfriend told her to wait around National Archives when she arrived in Nairobi, and she did so.

A guy approached her, looking all fresh and confused, with the story that he had won some money and needed an ID to go get it. He didn’t appear to have his ID with him.

“He persuaded me that he had been advised to bring an ID of one of his relatives, preferably a lady. He apparently didn’t have any relatives in Nairobi, so he asked if I could accompany him and then he’d give me 20 per cent of the money he’d won. I decided to go with him because I was broke.”

The two followed each other to a building where the money was supposed to be, and as is customary, Jaqueen was told to go collect the money while leaving her bag behind as security.

“I gave the guy my bag and went for the money, but something didn’t feel right,” she says. She noticed the office she was directed to was closed, and when she returned down, the guy was gone.

“I borrowed some M-Pesa lady’s phone and called my boyfriend. After we met he said, ‘Welcome to Nairobi.’”


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