Kamene Goro claps back at pregnancy claims

Kamene Goro addresses pregnancy claims. (Courtesy)

Media personality Kamene Goro has spoken out against recent rumors circulating online suggesting that she is pregnant.

While updating fans about her life, including her health, Kamene set the record straight regarding the pregnancy claims.

The rumors began swirling after Kamene's birthday celebrations, where some netizens speculated about her physical condition.

Kamene expressed frustration at these assumptions, particularly regarding her walking posture, which some attributed to pregnancy.

She took to her Instagram stories to address the issue, stating, "I've seen a lot of comments, and speculation about how I was walking on my birthday... that I'm pregnant. Like, come on guys... those sentiments are so unfounded and ignorant."

Kamene clarified that her altered gait was a result of knee surgery she underwent earlier in the year and is still on the path to recovery.

"Remember in January I had surgery on my knee... I haven't walked in the long... I started to try walking without my crutches... It's been such a difficult recovery honestly," she explained.

Kamene further urged people not to jump to conclusions based on ignorance but to seek the truth instead. She said, "Before you talk from a point of ignorance... just find out what's up, or even just ask."

This isn't the first time Kamene has had to dispel pregnancy rumors. About a year ago, shortly after marrying her partner DJ Bonez, similar rumors surfaced.

Kamene invited those spreading the news to confirm for themselves at an event she was hosting in Nakuru, daring them to touch her stomach to verify.

"And those who say I'm pregnant, please feel free to come to Chilis tomorrow (Saturday) night to confirm," she challenged.

Reflecting on societal pressures, Kamene stated the importance of financial stability before starting a family.

"I want my kids to go to a school better than the one I went to, which is going to be very expensive... I can't afford to be pregnant now guys, no I am not doing it," she said.


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