King Kaka addresses rumours of marriage split, fake death

King Kaka and his wife Nana Owiti. (Courtesy)

Kenyan rapper King Kaka has addressed rumours circulating about his marriage with Nana Owiti.

These rumours surfaced after a social media account claimed that Nana had sought asylum abroad and that King Kaka's children had been taken away, with Nana allegedly declaring her husband deceased while seeking asylum.

These reports emerged during King Kaka's upcoming project, 'Monkey Business,' a movie series set to premiere this month.

Some netizens speculated that King Kaka was orchestrating a publicity stunt to generate buzz for the project.

Responding to the allegations, King Kaka highlighted the importance of being cautious about spreading unverified information, especially regarding family matters.

"I never clout chase especially when it touches on family. Neither does Nana. That’s not my style. I was not going to address it but the fact that it is touching family I am responding to it. I know people get excited when it comes to content creation and say things, now the whole country has picked up a fake story,” said Kaka.

The rapper expressed his shock at being presumed dead, clarifying that Nana is in the country and their children are attending school as usual.

"Nana is in the country and the kids are in school. Jana wameenda shule, ata leo tumepiga story asubuhi (Yesterday they went to school and we even chatted today morning). Let us be mindful. There are a lot of people involved saa zile tuncreate fake stories. Now they are all over, people are calling me… In the spirit of content creation, let us be mindful. Let us not be disrespectful when doing so,” he said.

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He added: “Nimesikia story mob (I’ve heard a lot of stories). I have even heard I have a death certificate and I’m here ama na hallucinate?”

He further urged people to consider the consequences of spreading false stories, highlighting the impact it has on his family.

"Let us not ruin a good thing trying to create content. Content creation is a big business," he said.

Kaka concluded by urging for respect towards him, Nana, and their children, especially considering the potential distress caused by such rumours.

"Let us respect me, respect Nana and the kids," he concluded.


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