Manzi wa Kibera: I had a foreshadow of Mzee dying

A collage of Manzi wa Kibera with the late Sammy Ndunda.

Describing her ‘dating’ relationship with the late Sammy Ndunda, aka ‘Mzee’, Manzi wa Kibera says she had bad dreams the night before the old man died.

The 22-year-old told TNX Africa that the previous day, she had sent Sh500 to the old man, her purported lover, through her uncle after getting information that he had been unwell for a while. During the exclusive interview, she said she had traumatizing dreams that felt like a foreshadowing of his death, only to wake up in the morning and receive the dreaded news that he had died.

“I couldn’t believe it at first, so I called my former manager to go and confirm since my uncle (the informer) had just sent me a picture of Mzee lying lifelessly in the house. I called up some bloggers who catered for my flight from Mombasa where I had gone to take a break. When I got to the mortuary, I didn’t cry at first since I was still in shock,” she said.

“Despite the show we put on social media (of Mzee bankrolling her), I used to support Mzee financially. He depended on me for rent, food, and even general upkeep,” Manzi wa Kibera said.

Asked if there was any genuine love between the two besides her now-confessed clout-chasing antics for social media numbers, the outspoken socialite said the old man truly loved her, even though she took it as a job.

“Dating Mzee was my job. Nonetheless, Mzee did it from his heart and he loved the internet. Before we started the relationship, I told Mzee about playing the ‘card’ to get views, followers, or subscribers on social media, which sometimes could act as a source of income for him, and he agreed to it. I explained to him about the possibility of brands picking him since he had advertising potential.

“Mzee was very vibrant and active. I would pay him Sh2,000, and he would deliver content that could bring Sh30,000. Nevertheless, I used to provide for Mzee, and I would take him to places to enjoy himself. At one time, I took him to a strip club to enjoy himself,” she said.

Asked how she had met him, Manzi wa Kibera said she had been looking for a new character for her online show when the old man was introduced to her. She said he had not been living with his family, and that is why she decided to work with him – being a free man who needed “refurbishing.”

Manzi wa Kibera with the late Sammy Ndunda.

Manzi wa Kibera, Oga Obinna, and Beef with Dem wa Facebook

There has been a growing beef between Manzi wa Kibera and Dem wa Facebook, yet another young and fast-rising content creator and socialite. The two met on an invite by media personality Oga Obinna as he hosted them on his show.

“He (Obinna) was seated between us, and Dem wa Facebook started disrespectfully sprinkling water on me since she claimed I was shooting shots at Oga Obinna. To be honest, I really like Oga Obinna. I couldn’t tell him this during the interview since Dem wa Facebook was feeling so insecure about me being around him. My message to Oga Obinna is: ‘Please come to me and let’s make money,’” Manzi wa Kibera said.


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