Ezekiel Mutua hits back at Nonini's accusations

Ezekiel Mutua hits back at Nonini's accusations. (Courtesy)

The CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) Ezekiel Mutua has responded to rapper Nonini's recent criticisms over the handling of artist royalties.

On Facebook, Mutua stressed the importance of discipline and ethical standards in the music industry. He argued that artists should produce content that reflects Kenya's cultural and moral values to earn respect.

Mutua's statement came after Nonini accused the MCSK of failing to distribute the correct amount of royalties to artists.

Nonini pointed out the issues with royalty payments, stating, "Artists know the amount of money they should earn. A majority of those I represent have not been paid and their songs are always played."

He questioned why the MCSK distributes royalties in bits instead of in full as required.

Nonini further claimed that the MCSK does not follow the government's directive to disburse 70% of collected royalties to artists.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the current system, comparing it unfavourably to the digital and transparent processes he has experienced in the United States, where he resides.

Addressing the matter of following the government's mandates, Nonini argued, "If you cannot follow the government's mandate, what are you doing? He is an employee of artists; he must respect them."

In his Facebook post, Mutua used the metaphor of a sports team to illustrate his point about leadership and discipline, suggesting that artists, like players, must follow the rules and directions set by those who manage them.

He argued, “If artists want to be respected, they must follow the rules and create content that promotes Kenya's culture and moral values.”

He criticized certain content as inappropriate, saying, "No one can respect the lunacy of people dancing naked and putting on diapers like little babies. No industry can develop without discipline. For artists to be respected there must be a code of ethics. They must have professional standards. They should use their talent to build, not to destroy society. And they must respect the Government and their leadership!”


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