Anerlisa Muigai addresses seeking financial help after WhatsApp message leak

Businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai. (Courtesy)

Businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai found herself in a difficult situation recently when a private message she sent in a WhatsApp group chat was leaked online.

The message revealed that Muigai's fiancé had been arrested and required bail, but the amount had been unexpectedly raised.

According to Muigai, her fiancé, who is involved in the fertilizer business, was facing legal challenges.

He was arrested and initially told his bail would be set at Sh1 million. However, upon arrival at court, the bail amount was increased to Sh3 million.

Muigai then turned to a private WhatsApp group chat with close friends for help.

In the message, she explained the situation and mentioned that some of her fiancé's friends had already managed to raise Sh1.8 million.

She then politely requested any additional help her friends could offer, assuring them they would be repaid once her fiancé's accounts were unfrozen.

"Hi Ladies, Trust you have all been fine. As some of you know that my fiancé was targeted by his competitors on this whole fertilizer saga to try and finish his business. He has been locked in today because they had told him cash bail would be 1M but they changed and said its 3M. Thanks to some of his friends for raising till 1.8M. I was humbly requesting if you could chip in whatever you can get. All will be refunded once his accounts are unfrozen. *This is not gossip, I genuinely need your help and nobody knows about it," the message reportedly said.

Unfortunately, the message was leaked and shared online by a blogger.

Feeling betrayed by someone within the private group chat, Muigai expressed her disappointment on her social media platform.

"When you thought you had real friends then boom, a blogger sends you a screenshot from a very enclosed group. Tomorrow could be you," Muigai wrote on her Instagram story. "At least I know I cannot count on everyone and that's okay. And yes we managed to get out without your help. We good. #GodFirst."

Muigai also shared a quote about the importance of true friends, highlighting the difference between those who are present only during good times and those who offer support during challenging moments.

"Fake friends are like shadows: always near you at your brightest moments but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour. True friends are like stars, you don't always see them but they are always there," read the quote.


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