Types of bachelors you are likely to meet

Man working on a laptop, his cat lying next to him.

Most bachelors are very poor when it comes to matters hygiene. It is not unusual to find socks on top of a table when you visit a single man unannounced. However, there are these peculiar ones who are exceptionally neat not only outwardly but also in their houses. Here are ten types of bachelors you are likely to meet in every Kenyan estate.

The careless, disorganised chap

He can keep his clothes on the cloth line for even a week without knowing that other tenants also want to use the same line to dry their clothes. His corridor is always dirty as he has no time to clean it. Worse, he can leave his dustbin for even two months without taking it to garbage collectors.

The absentee

His house is often closed with a padlock as he only comes occasionally. There is nobody who knows where he goes most of the day yet he only works on day shift. Since he is rarely in the plot, you will certainly hear gossip from usual rumour mongers of how amewekwa na mumama.

The womaniser

This one is known for exchanging women in his house like clothes. He is also known for flirting with all women in the estate, whether married or not. Many of the other tenants detest him because of being a bad role model to children. 

The party animal

He hosts different guests almost every weekend for a party. If it’s not a birthday, then it’s a friend’s get-together or end-of-month celebration. Many of his friends also bring their parties to his house which he gladly accepts to host on their behalf. 

The lone ranger/secretive

He is usually alone and rarely talks to anyone including fellow tenants. For him, greeting someone’s wife is a crime and he avoids all women like the plague. You will only see him when entering or leaving the gate.


For him, coming home early is like a taboo as he has to pass through the watering point each day after work. This explains why he is heard opening the gate and his door in the middle of the night when everybody is asleep.

Wapi shati?

While in the plot, he rarely wears full clothes. Instead, you will always find him with a vest and slippers. Sometimes, he can even walk with a bare chest, to show his muscles to anyone who cares to look.

The don’t-care

He is the annoying type as he always keeps music at full blast. He doesn’t care whether other tenants are irritated by the top volume at his house or if other students are preparing for exams.

The host-master

He is always hosting people in his house including family members; brothers, sisters, and cousins among others. The list also extends to friends and those who get stranded.

The super neat

He is not only super neat but also a super chef. While a lot of men struggle to organise themselves or prefer “rewinding” shirts and trousers for the longest time possible, he prefers white shirts, socks and vests. You will be surprised to learn that he can sustain these for more than two years.


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