Woman on spot for trying to stab help over her husband


A woman in South B who attempted to strike the house help while accusing her of having an affair with her husband has been charged.

The househelp, Zuhura Isale, sustained serious injuries after she jumped off the balcony of the fourth floor trying to escape. 

Leila Abdi, 33, appeared before Makadara principal magistrate Mutiso. She is said to have attacked Isale on November 11. Abdi is said to have been suspecting her husband of having an affair with Isale.

The fight broke out when Isale served the man tea in his bedroom. Abdi is said to have taken the kitchen knife and tried to attack Isale but the man broke the fight, giving Isale the chance to run for safety.

The accused is said to have taken Isale to the hospital after she realised how serious her injuries were.

She was taken to Makadara law courts where she pleaded not guilty, saying she argued with Isale who sustained injuries while running away. Abdi is out on Sh100,000 bail pending a hearing in May 29 next year.


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