Fisherman commits suicide after losing phone


A fisherman at Litare Beach in Homa Bay County committed suicide in protest after his stolen phone.

In a strange turn of events, witnesses said, Dan Ojwang wore seven female underpants, a biker, and a brassier before jumping into Lake Victoria, and drowned as other fishermen watched helplessly.

The fisherman moved to the beach recently and was registered with the local Beach Management Unit.

He had been reportedly staying with his sister-in-law, who had welcomed him to the beach. His phone got lost a week ago.

Litare Beach Management Unit chairman Isaiah Pero said Ojwang felt his sister-in-law stole his phone.

“Ojwang’ brought the matter before me for arbitration. He said there was a woman who was using his phone before she reportedly handed it over to his sister-in-law. When asked, Ojwang’s sister-in-law said she gave the phone to her child. It was never seen again. He believed the sister-in-law knew where the phone was but refused to give it to him,” Pero said.

Pero said Ojwang threatened that he would commit suicide if he was not given his phone back.

“He had been telling people that he would kill himself if the person who stole his phone failed to return it to him,” Pero said.


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