Topic: Divorce

From grace to grass: Nasty divorce still troubles former business tycoon

By Hudson Gumbihi   2024-07-08 15:32:03

Former wife is pushing for auction of properties and proceeds be held in an escrow account of her lawyers.

Tory Lanez's wife files for divorce after less than a year of marriage

By Fay Ngina   2024-06-11 15:00:17

Chassagne is seeking legal and physical custody of their 7-year-old son, Kai'lon.

Court grants a man divorce terming the union as irretrievable

By Yvonne Chepkwony   2024-05-02 17:02:02

NHS had filed a petition seeking to dissolve his 21 years of marriage alleging that TSS was dramatic and abusive.

Property can't be shared until couples divorce, declares court

By Julius Chepkwony   2024-05-03 00:13:30

Justice Nzioko says party laying claim on property must prove marriage dissolution.

Untying knots: Cambodian women face social judgment, depression after divorce

By VOA   2024-04-16 09:39:16

approximately 20% of Cambodian women faced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner during relationships including marriage.

What happens to shared property after divorce?

By Harold Ayodo   2023-11-23 14:29:08

Legally, investments in a real estate company by spouses cannot be shared as any matrimonial property when the marriage ends.