Benard Lusigi And Mary Imenza

Sabatia MP uses football to campaigns against gender-based violence

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2023-12-06 01:45:53

Winners in the men category with Sh100,000 while women take home Sh70,000.

Salasya to be arraigned in court over assault

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-01-15 18:39:39

On Friday last week, Salasya was captured in a clip ordering the Malaha-Isongo ward Ward rep to sit down before slapping him.

Bukhungu Stadium to be ready by June ahead of CHAN

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-02-27 17:08:20

Bukhungu has been selected to host selected CHAN matches. Kenya will cohost CHAN competitions with Tanzania and Uganda this year and AFCON in 2027.

Barasa warns against speculation over General Ogolla's death

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-04-21 18:12:40

Deputy Governor Ayub Savula urged Kenyans to be patient as authorities investigate the helicopter crash.

Sugarcane farmers blame woes on Agriculture and Food Authority

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-04-30 16:22:17

Sugarcane farmers have expressed their frustrations with the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA), accusing it of allegedly siding with cartels to exploit them.

Sugarcane farmers accuse AFA of 'siding with cartels' as prices drop

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-05-02 15:06:34

The farmers cited a recent announcement by the interim Sugarcane Pricing Committee that reduced sugarcane buying prices to Sh5,100 from Sh6,050 per tonne.

Western governors call for full decentralisation of disaster funds

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-05-11 12:18:44

Governors have urged the national government to fast-track and decentralise funds meant for disaster management to counties, citing their enhanced capacity to assist flood victims

Kenyans will have final say on Finance Bill 2024, says Nyoro

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-05-19 20:59:27

Ndindi Nyoro said Kenyans will determine whether the Bill proposed by the Treasury would be adopted or rejected.

Government faulted for delay of Sh6b Bukhungu Stadium project

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-05-31 21:04:57

Residents are unhappy about slow pace of works in facility picked to host AFCON in 2027.

Kakamega school closed due to lack of toilets

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-06-03 17:33:09

Roselyn Makokha, the school head teacher told journalists that all 1, 000 pupils including ECDE learners were sent home due to safety concerns in the school.

Body bribes: How mortuary attendants exploit families in grief

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-06-14 06:37:06

Mortuary attendants receive bribes to take good care of particular bodies

Governors seek Ifmis extension to absorb Sh67b

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-06-26 01:03:50

The Treasury owes devolved units funds for April, May, and June, yet the financial year ends this weekend on June June 30.

Survivors: We've no regrets over protests

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-06-29 19:58:15

Students say their peers were fighting for their welfare.

Fear of human trafficking ring as pastor arrested with human limb

By Benard Lusigi and Mary Imenza   2024-07-11 05:53:34

Fears of human trafficking have rocked the Western region as locals were left reeling after a pastor was arrested with human body parts in his Toyota Premio at Masikhu market.