How we fought stereotypes to conquer the skies

While many young girls harbour the desire to fly, exorbitant fees keep them off the radar.


I make sweet bucks grafting mango, avocado seedlings

To satisfy the demand for grafted seedlings, James Karanja Kimani took a step to fill the gap. He is now a grafted seedling supplier not only in Kiambu, but in several parts of Kenya.

Creative preneurs renting bikes to varsity students at 60 bob per ride

They saw an opportunity after noticing that students would trek for two to three kilometres to their houses and lecture halls, instead of using boda bodas which are expensive.

Mwangi: Training others on rabbit farming pays me well

A family that keeps rabbits can easily slaughter one and get animal proteins. Keeping chickens is a common practice in Kenya. We can do the same with rabbits.

I make a fortune providing import, export consultancy

Generally, imports and exports are actually a risk business because you are dealing with someone who is not in the same jurisdiction legally and so you need to learn how to create relationships.

Forget Muliro Gardens, Shilahi is the new green lodge in town

 “It was very thoughtful to create this private place for mothers. I appreciate the fact that I am able to feed my baby without getting uncomfortable from the stares.”

How youth grew his empire selling mayai boilo, smokies

After graduation, I still continued with my business career. This was because of my unemployed friends and colleagues who discouraged me, "Hakuna kazi Kenya"

I turned wheat allergy into succesful food business

Asamba urges media outlets to raise awareness about the significance of gluten-free flour and how it can be blended with wheat flour to enhance its nutritional value.

I make a living exposing cheating couples- private investigator

When I saw the demand for clients who wanted to follow up on their cheating partners was high, I specialised my private investigation arena on cheating.

AfriKonekta launches digital bus booking platform in Kenya

The platform targets long distance bus operators plying from Nairobi to other towns and vice versa

Ivy Juma aka Miss Errands says teaching wasn't as fun

Many people needed someone to run errands for them due to their busy schedules. Recognising this opportunity, I decided to seize it.

How I make money training people to make tasty yoghurt

I started to train others because I personally faced numerous challenges when I began my own venture, and I recognized the need for mentorship and guidance.

How young entrepreneur built errands business through social media

Kezziah, starts her morning routine with devotion, a whisper of prayer to her deity followed by reading the scriptures. Then she goes online to check for orders.

Employment: Entrepreneur thrives in mannequin trade

The mannequins act as models on the display window. They create the first impression and are the first thing clients interact with when they visit any fashion shop.