Larry Madowo clarifies April Fools' prank

Larry Madowo [Facebook]

Hours after informing his followers that he had returned to BBC, journalist Larry Madowo clarified that he was still working with CNN and that his earlier post was an April Fools’ prank.

The former KTN and NTV journalist said he had rejoined BBC, Washington, after a short stint at CNN.

“Some personal news: after 3 incredible years with CNN, I’m excited to share that I’ve returned to the BBC in Washington.

“Thank you for a great ride,” wrote Larry.

The post drew hundreds of comments within a short time, with some congratulating him on his new role.

He, however, quickly edited the post, confirming he was still with CNN.

“Edit: This was an April Fools’ Day prank. I’m still with CNN. But my last job was with the BBC in Washington, and this is a real picture from 2020,” he said.

Interestingly, journalism wasn’t Madowo’s first love. In a previous question and answer session, he said he admired priesthood while growing up and desired to traverse the globe spreading the good news.

"I briefly trained to be a Catholic priest. My entire high school was spent at a Catholic seminary. We were often told that "many are called but few are chosen," so I guess I'm among those who weren't chosen.

"As a kid, I wanted to be a missionary because they got to travel the world ... but mostly I wanted to be a priest because I thought I could help people. I still help people as a journalist, but in a different way," he said.

Although his priesthood dream did not come to fruition, Larry went on to become one of the most decorated journalists in Kenya with stints at KTN, NTV, BBC and CNN where he worked in various capacities.

He recalled how instrumental his parents were in his journalism journey by constantly ensuring he was informed through radio and newspapers.

Although they are now deceased, the former KTN business news anchor is thankful for their guidance as they made him who he is today.


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