Amira speaks on co-parenting with Jimal

A collage of Amira and Jimal.

Businesswoman Amira has spoken about co-parenting with her ex-husband Jimal Roho Safi, saying they are now on the same page and their children are happy.

Through her instastories, Amira said her kids were affected by their divorce and had to undergo counselling.

She admitted the separation also took a toll on her but she has worked on herself over time to get to where she is.

"Btw once you heal co-parenting can be soo healthy also once you have kids'y'all know that person will always be a part of your life.

“And and my kids are happy and it's actually peaceful that way. That said baba Shamir please bring your wife nimfunze kupika mapocho pocho,” she wrote.

Adding: “Let me tell how divorce affected them to a point where I even had to take them for therapy. It has taken me a lot of work to be where I am mentally.”

Amira also said she had already forgiven all those who had wronged her as she had realized it was pointless to harbour resentment.

Amira, Jimal love story

Their love story dates back to their high school days when Jimal would save a few coins to get her gifts.

Soon after finishing school, the pair welcomed a child but their families were not on the same page. Jimal said he took it upon himself to ensure Amira was welcomed into his family as he came to terms with being a father at a young age.

"When we finished high school, Amira got pregnant and we had some family disputes because my family was not okay with that (marrying Amira) but I changed their minds.

"That is when we got my firstborn Shamir. I was to study aviation but I took that money and ventured into the matatu industry, first as a tout then I later bought a matatu," said Jimal in a previous interview.

They, however, parted ways after five years and he was left with the kids and had to juggle parenting and the demands of the matatu industry.

He said Amira was away for six years and during this period he had asked his mother to assist him in looking after the kids due to his busy schedule.

It was around this period that he met Amber Ray and with time they began to hang out more often.

Later Amira found out about the affair and she was far from pleased. Their constant run-ins were fodder for gossip but eventually, Amira and Jimal separated, and Amber also found love.


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