Mugithi star KarehB mourns son who died in Chavakali bus accident

A collage of Kareh B and her son.

Mugithi singer Mary Goicha, popularly known as KarehB, is mourning the loss of her son, who died in a road accident after an Easy Coach bus ferrying Chavakali High School students was involved in an accident.

The bus was heading to Nairobi when the driver lost control and overturned at Mamboleo in Kisumu.

Speaking to journalists, KarehB said she did not understand why the school allowed students to travel at night despite concern from parents.

“The students always travel during the day, I do not know why they were allowed to travel at night. Some parents were okay with the decision but others weren’t.

“They should have given an alternative to those who had reservations,” said KarehB.

She added that she found out about the accident on social media but did not learn about her son’s passing until the following day.

“Several parents were at the Easy Coach stage to pick their children but I could not see my son. I began inquiring of his whereabouts from the school’s administration and I was informed that some of the students involved in the accident had reached out to their parents,” she said.

Her family then asked one of their friends in Kisumu to check whether her son had been admitted to one of the hospitals and it was then that they learnt of his demise.

The deceased was set to sit for his national examinations this year and aspired to be a pilot.

Parents decried the lack of proper communication from the school saying there were better ways to handle the matter.


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