Akothee reflects on achievements as she turns a year older

Akothee [Facebook]

Kenyan entertainer Akothee turned a year older on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, and she took time to reflect on her achievements.

The singer, who has never shied away from controversy, said she is proud of what she has done so far and naysayers cannot dim her light.

She recalled her past struggles but acknowledged that they propelled her to greater heights and she is now a better person.

“Failing a thousand times taught me a thousand ways that didn't work. Life is full of challenges, but success comes from continuously learning and growing.

“Despite raising children in broken dysfunctional families, enduring failed relationships, and navigating successful businesses, I never gave up. I managed to achieve my degree at 42 years and became a director of a school with 70 pupils and 18 teachers at 42,” she wrote.

Adding: “At 42 I made sure MIGORI RESIDENTS HAVE A COMMERCIAL FLIGHT…I don't celebrate my birthdays, I count my achievements in the years I have lived. You don't need to remind me of my failures, I am busy counting my achievements, don't tell me who I am, you don't know me.”

Akothee [Facebook]

For the better part of 2023, Akothee was in the news after her wedding with Denis Schweizer aka Omosh and their subsequent separation.

She later set the record straight regarding what led to their break up, putting to rest the rumours surrounding her love life.

Through a TikTok live session, Akothee said she left Omosh in June 2023, saying the relationship was not working for her and she could not force issues.

She added that she discovered some things about her husband during their honeymoon that she could not overlook, hence her decision to leave.

"I walked out of that relationship back in June. We had to pack our bags out of that relationship because it was not a relationship. I'm one person who doesn't force issues. When it is not working for me, it is not just working.

"I normally walk out of my relationships when am still in the relationship. When I was on honeymoon I found out some things that I could not keep up with. In July he asked me if I would leave him, but I told him, no baby, I love you but I had already left,” she said.

Akothee, however, had kind words for Omosh, saying he came into her life at a time when things were not working out for her and was a loving partner.

She added that she has no regrets about her wedding because it was something she wanted then and will not do away with the footage.


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