Monica Kimani's father Bishop Ngarama to visit Jowie in prison

A collage of Monica Kimani's father Bishop Paul Ngarama and Jowie Irungu.

Bishop Paul Ngarama, father of the late Monica Kimani, intends to visit Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, who was found guilty of killing his daughter, in prison.

Speaking in an interview on Kenya Diaspora Media, Ngarama said losing his daughter was painful and it has taken him time to process the loss.

He said his wife went into depression after the death of Monica but moving to the US helped him cope with the situation.

“Losing my daughter was very difficult. My wife went into depression but I am glad I came to the US, I needed a change of environment. It helped me to heal.

“My wife does not like to talk about it but she has made strides,” he said.

Asked why he has been preaching forgiveness, Bishop Ngarama said it is part of the healing process and he intends to visit Jowie in prison.

The preacher said he followed the judgement closely (from the US) and he expected the sentence Jowie was given.

“When I go back to Kenya, I will visit Jowie in prison and have a chat with him because he is like my son.

“I want this to be part of the reconciliation process among the three families – Jowie’s, Jackie Maribe’s (who was acquitted of the murder) and my family,” he said.

Adding: “I want to lead the reconciliation and bring the three families together. We must preach forgiveness and let the matter rest”.

Last month, the High Court sentenced Jowie to death for the murder of Monica in 2018. 

In a judgment delivered on March 13, Justice Grace Nzioka said the prosecution presented adequate evidence that placed Jowie at the crime scene on the day of the murder.

“Based on everything I have said, I have ordered that the first accused person, being Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie, shall suffer death as provided for the offense of murder under Section 204 of the Penal Code of Kenya,” ruled Justice Nzioka. 


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