Shakib posts cryptic messages after Zari shared a video holding hands with Diamond

Shakib Lutaaya and Zari. [File]

Shakib Lutaaya recently raised eyebrows with cryptic messages on his Instagram page, following a video posted by his wife, Zari, showing her holding hands with Diamond Platnumz.

In one of his posts, Shakib expressed a wish that individuals with pure intentions would find partners who shared the same purity, stating, “May people with pure intentions find people with pure intentions.”

He continued by noting the deceptive nature of social media, saying, “Social media makes you admire people you should be praying for.”

This reaction is presumed to be triggered by a video featuring Zari and Diamond happily walking hand in hand, captioned "Sister and I."

Adding to the complexity, a video surfaced of Shakib getting cozy with DJ Alisha. However, Alisha clarified that the clip was from years ago, writing, “That’s an old video, many years ago.”

Further confusion ensued when both Shakib and Zari deleted each other’s pictures from their social media accounts. Despite the speculation, neither has addressed the situation publicly.

The celebrity couple had a lavish wedding in Pretoria, South Africa, on October 3, 2023. Zari had previously expressed her unwavering love for Shakib in a heartfelt Snapchat message in May, declaring, “To my husband, I chose you over everyone. Own it and be proud of it. Don't let insecurities ruin what we have. With love, Mrs. Lutaaya.”

Addressing rumours about their past, Shakib and Zari denied claims that he was once Zari's ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga’s watchman.

Zari emphasized during an interview with Pulse Uganda, “Shakib has never worked for Ivan.”

In a separate interview, Zari acknowledged dating Shakib in the past, going separate ways, and reuniting in 2022. She reflected on their journey, saying, “If it's not God, I mean what do you call that?”


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