Diamond's sister Esma Platnumz ties the knot in private ceremony

Esma Platnumz and Jembe One. [Instagram]

Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz's eldest sister, Esma Platnumz, is once again off the market. The social media influencer turned businesswoman recently tied the knot with artist manager Jembe One in a colourful private wedding ceremony surrounded by close friends and family.

The 37-year-old revealed that she met Jembe One on social media and accepted his invitation to share a meal with him at his house. Recounting the date in a previous social media post, the renowned businesswoman explained that she enjoyed Jembe’s food and company so much that she unintentionally ended up staying at his place for three days.

“I will never forget this day; it is the beginning of our love. I remember you used to love telling me that I love cooking. When you eat my food, you will love me to cook for you every day. We planned a day to cook for each other, and the results were that I ate chips, I was kidnapped, I didn't go out for 3 days. Every time I want to leave, I am told, 'Oh, don't leave, then we go to Dubai,' meaning this brother was planning for me. I enjoyed the 3 days I was kidnapped. Since then I became like rubbish,” she wrote.

However, their relationship faced scrutiny as netizens suggested that the duo’s relationship was nothing more than a fling due to Esma being older than Jembe. Addressing the matter on their second-month relationship anniversary, Esma explained that despite the critics, she was committed to settling down with Jembe and starting a family with him. She revealed for the first time that she planned to introduce him to her mother, Mama Dangote.

“Mrs Rasheed is celebrating being in a relationship for two months. I don’t want to be advised by anyone, even my brothers. He is the one I have decided to love, and I will give birth with him. Mother, you see your daughter is genuinely happy. I have found my happiness, and I promise I won’t leave him; only death will separate us. Jembe One, come, let’s go to my mother and finalize this,” she wrote.

True to her words, they formalized their union and are now bound for life. Excited for their new journey together, Jembe took to his Instagram and declared Esma as his wife.

“She is my wife now,” he wrote.

This, however, is not Esma’s first wedding. She was formerly married as the third wife to South Africa-based Tanzanian businessman Maulid Msizwa before parting ways just three months into the marriage.

Speaking on her separation during a recent interview with Wasafi TV, the Tanzanian businesswoman explained that her husband’s sudden 'addiction to social media' influenced her decision to pack her bags and leave.

Before Maulid, Esma was married to the father of her child, Petit Man Wakuache, before ending their marriage. Petit moved on and is now remarried.


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