King Tizian: I was not Chira's lover


TikToker Tizian Savage has set the record straight regarding his sexuality, saying he was not Brian Chira’s lover and that their relationship was misunderstood.

Tizian, who became popular as a bodaboda rider in 2022, was a close associate of Chira and many speculated that they were more than just friends.

Speaking on Radio Maisha, the TikToker asserted that he is straight and ‘loves women’. He also spoke of his first interaction with Chira and how he approached him to create content.

“When I met Chira (in Nakuru) he was somewhat nervous then he asked me whether I was interested in working with him to create content. He even bought me lunch after our first video.

“He made me trend and that is when people started saying I am not straight. It did not bother me because I was becoming famous,” said Tizian.

He added that Chira was like a brother to him and their friendship blossomed because they were both content creators and their partnership raked in good numbers.

A collage of Tizian and the late Brian Chira.

Tizian said many questioned whether he was a member of the LBTQ community when Chira twerked in one of their videos but that did not deter him from creating content.

“Some even said he was my wife but that is the nature of the online space. It affected me at first but with time I developed thick skin.

“Even my family got wind of those accusations but I assured them I am straight. I am very straight,” said Tizian.

He was among thousands of TikTokers who showed up at Chira’s burial and he was accused of using the funeral to chase clout after he was filmed waving at the crowd on top of a car.

Asked about this, Tizian said he was not looking for attention and probably got recognition because he was a close associate of the deceased.

“There was a banner I was supposed to hold but it was too windy so I just went on with my business,” he said.

The TikToker said Chira’s death was sudden and painful, and he is yet to come to terms with it.


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