Gachagua: Ruto put us in trouble by holding hands with Rachel during U.S. visit

President William Ruto and U.S. President Joe Biden with their spouses.

"I have been summoned by Men’s conference, I will go and answer," said President Ruto at the onset of his speech during the National Prayer Breakfast held on May 30, 2024, at Safari Park Hotel.

This humorous remark was in response to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, who jokingly mentioned that President Ruto's affectionate gestures towards his wife, the First Lady, Mama Rachael Ruto, during the USA state visit had caused quite a stir.

Gachagua noted that President Ruto's constant hand-holding with the First Lady had sparked demands from spouses, including his own, Pastor Dorcas Gachagua, to emulate such romantic behaviour.

"Allow me, as a truthful man, to tell you the truth. All Kenyans were monitoring you. There was something you did that created problems for many husbands back in Kenya.

Our spouses, including mine, Pastor Dorcas, were demanding that we emulate the President and hold their hands wherever they go," Rigathi humorously stated, leaving the guests in laughter during the National Prayer Breakfast.

Gachagua also recounted how his wife, Pastor Dorcas, insisted on similar treatment, even requesting hand-holding around the house and when getting into their car. He joked about the pressure faced by husbands in Kenya due to President Ruto's actions during the USA visit.

President Ruto, DP Rigathi Gachagua and Pastor Dorcas Rigathi during the National Prayer Breakfast at Safari Park Hotel.

Furthermore, Gachagua revealed that Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi had expressed similar sentiments.

"I am not alone. My good friend Musalia Mudavadi, who I call 'Omwami,' asked me if President Ruto holding the First Lady’s hand was also becoming a problem at home, and I told him, my home was worse," Rigathi teased.

However, upon President Ruto and the First Lady's return, the pressure eased as Ruto ceased his constant hand-holding with Mama Rachael Ruto.

"That was the challenge we encountered, but we knew you would solve the problem once you came back. And this morning, you did just that. As we welcomed you from the car, you walked quickly with me, while Mama Rachael tried to catch up.

So, the matter is sorted—it was just an American thing. To Pastor Dorcas, all is not lost; when we go to the US, I will hold your hand, but when we come back, let us continue with our lives," DP Gachagua added with a smile.


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