I smoke weed to forget about mutilated bodies in Dandora dumpsite


A Dandora garbage collector recently pleaded guilty to the possession of marijuana, attributing his use of the substance to coping with the traumatic memories of encountering mutilated human body parts, including heads and hands, during his work at the dump site.

Shadrack Omondi admitted to the offence of having 17 rolls of cannabis sativa valued at Sh1,700. He was found at Dandora Phase 5 on November 3, accompanied by accomplices who have since faced charges.

However, Omondi denied the charge related to the possession of a 6kg Seagas cylinder, suspected to have been unlawfully obtained.

Omondi and his friend, carrying the cylinder, were stopped by officers. Upon frisking, they were found in possession of the substances, a grill, and a burner inside a bag.

While being escorted to the station, Omondi managed to slip away but later appeared at Dandora police station a day later, alleging that the police stole from him. When presented before Makadara court Chief Magistrate Gesora, Omondi admitted to using marijuana, citing the distressing scenes at the dumping site. “I work at Nairobi’s dumping site, which is full of horrific scenes. I have encountered badly mutilated body parts of human beings and fetuses,” he said.

Omondi urged the court to show leniency, emphasising he has a family dependent on him and no alternative means of support. The court released him on a cash bail of Sh5,000, pending a hearing scheduled for June 10 next year. Regarding the drug use charge, the court ruled that the accused should have sought psychiatric help and was fined Sh30,000.


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