Man charged for causing trouble over Sh500 tiff

A 21-yea0-old causes havoc over Sh500. [Getty Images/iStockphoto]

A 21-year-old has been arraigned in court for wreaking havoc at his sister’s house after he was denied some Sh500.

According to court papers, Ismael Adan Noor created a disturbance by threatening to assault his elder sister, Amina Adan Noor, with a walking stick.

On the material day, Amina was in the company of her their other sister when Ismael stormed her house, seemingly drunk. He then demanded to be given Sh500 which Amina did not have.

Ismael started causing chaos, blaming his sister for his woes, saying he could even die of problems without getting help from his sibling.

He was carrying a walking stick which he used to point at the complainant while threatening to teach her to always be generous.

He then got violent, dismantled the television from the wall and pushed the fridge down while throwing out utensils.

Amina got afraid and called the police who responded swiftly and arrested Ismael and took him for questioning before he was presented in court. He denied the charges was released on a Sh10,000 cash bail pending hearing on September 5


A man in Shauri Moyo area will have his case of threatening to stab a client go for trial after he was arrested while creating a disturbance.

Robert Ochieng 30, according to court particulars created a disturbance in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace by threatening to stab Lilian MwikaliMakau with a kitchen knife at Majengo area in Gikombaa on April 11.

8 months ago, prior to the incident, Mwikali now the complainant went to Ochieng's place of work to  have his car washed. And for the past eight months accused has been diligently doing his work untill recently when  he was busted going through Mwikali's business documents.

This shocked Mwikali since she could not expect and she was not happy about his behaviour. She confronted him a move that saw the accused apologize. This however did not stop the complainant from terminating his services.

Aggrieved by the complainant's decision, he continued begging her to allow him carry on with cleaning her car but she could  hear none of it. In a mission to win her back , he allegedly started threatening to kill her and kill himself  for not  being leniency on him.

At some point, the accused is said to have  been seen walking around Mwikali's shop with a wrapped kitchen knife which he is claimed to have used it to threatened to stab her at her shop. She raised alam and her workers and members of the public rescued her and frogmatched him to the police station where he was booked in for questioning.

When he was presented before Makadara law courts, he pleaded not guilty and he was granted a cash bail of Sh 10,000  pending mention on June 3.


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