My Perfect Wedding opened so many doors


When you hear of Maisha Magic’s ‘My Perfect Wedding’ show, what comes to your mind? It must be Ms perfect voice and pretty face Georgina Mbira.
Apart from being a show host, she is also a renowned event host, media company consultant and a commercial model.
In addition, she is the voice behind viral advertisements done by big companies including Safaricom, Airtel, Pampers among others.
Young Mbira never dreamt of being any of this. All she wanted to be was a pediatrician. 
During an interview with Charles Otieno, History Makers show host, she opened up on why she did not follow her dreams.
“I failed in Chemistry but I did well enough to be called in to do a law degree at Pioneer International College. 
“I did law but I didn’t get to finish. All these I am doing right now was not part of the bigger picture.”
Her current career is made out of her talent. At a young age, she was already hosting family events as well as school functions.
In 2012, circumstances forced her into looking for a job and that is when she remembered that her friends and family have been commending her voicing and hosting.
“I was broke and I had a child so I decided to look for a job. I started looking for voice acting gigs through magazines and websites.”
Mbira is a graduate of the YouTube school since through the platform, she learned everything she needed to know and that is how she has managed to be in the industry for about ten years.

Confidence and skills

Her goal has always been to become an on-air personality. Her first job was at a company in Ruiru known as Parallel Media where she shot a pilot of a show that was never aired. Afterwards, she did a free advertisement for the company which went viral and earned her an eight-episode show at Startimes.
“That’s where I got my confidence and skills on working with a whole crew including a director, lights camera and all,” she said.
“It was so crazy because before I was even done, I got an interview to audition for My Perfect Wedding season two and I got it.”
Since then, people still remember her as the show’s host and remember the show through her. Her audience recalls her for connecting with the couples hence making the moments memorable for all.
To many, it is shocking to hear that she is married through a traditional wedding and not a white wedding.
“I have been married, through a traditional wedding, for the last nine years and I have two big boys,” according to her. S he add the traditional Kikuyu wedding is to be remembered. The memory of how angelic and beautiful her bridesmaids looked has since been imprinted in her brain. 
She picked her favourite material and told the girls to design it their way and they understood the assignment.
“I actually told my mum that the whole unveiling of the girl under the shuka has to be there. And of course, I told my husband to just look at my toes since they are unique,” she adds.
It was a big beautiful wedding! She dreams of a white wedding bigger than the traditional one. Her dream is so vivid that she even knows who the baker will be.
“I’d like a destination wedding probably at the beach. it definitely has to have gold somewhere. At first I wanted white and gold and now I’m thinking black and gold, I don’t know.”
However, she says that this wedding is not her priority because “I don’t need to but as years go by I feel like I want one.”
Being someone who has seen beautiful weddings, long lasting marriages and failed ones too, her advice to couples is that they should first know what they are getting into as well as their partners.
“Plan especially financially. But again, the wedding is just a day, marriage is supposed to last forever. Invest in the relationship first.”
“My Perfect Wedding’ opened so many doors for her and she continues to excel in her career. She still works tirelessly hard on achieving the on air personality goal which we all know she will get.
As she puts it, “I don’t want to be an influencer; I want to be an influential person.”


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