From video vixen to Computer Science graduate


In this era, many people have folded their hands and buried their hearts in giving, but Conchitah Lilian is not one of them. Conchitah is a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ to many people and even on dark days, it is hard to miss her bright, heartwarming smile, face, and voice.

During an interview with Charles Otieno, KTN News' History Makers show host, Conchitah, a single mother of a ten-year-old girl, said she is all about doing good for her own benefit and not showing off.

“I always feel like I want to make an impact other than just being a big person. I want to be an influencer, not an influential person because if I wanted to, I would have based it on my connections,” she said.

This network that she talked about was established when she was a young energetic girl, earning a living as a video vixen.

Artists like Diamond Platnumz, Mejja, Wendy Kimani, and many others got a golden chance to have her bright face in their music videos.

Afterward, she got the chance to connect with people with big names in the media industry, as she has always had a calling to work in the same field.

Well, that is how it started and the going is actually better than you think. These are the same people who have been helping her set up an organization that helps single mothers.

Conchitah being one of them, understands what their highlights and lowlights are, and as she says, “I am earning a salary yet being a single mum puts me down sometimes, what about those who don’t have a job?”

For Conchitah, single parents are not just single mothers and fathers but guardians, siblings who have to bring up their fellow siblings, grandparents, and even those who own children's homes.

Single Parenthood

Her tender heart towards humanity guided her to start an organization dubbed Single Parenthood, which is aimed at supporting anyone bringing up a child or children single-handedly.

The organization was based on holding video podcasts on single parenting until an international organization reached out to them and asked to merge up.

“For now, we have stopped our production in order to make sure that the structure is set up properly, and eventually make it to legislation whereby we can change a few rules to suit single parents.”

You will be surprised to learn that her way of supporting this minority group is not based on money but on professional expertise.

“You find that I have who is a doctor. I won’t ask for money from them but instead, I will request them to go and do a free check on the kids we are visiting,” she explained.

Since her friends are well-established career ladies and gentlemen, she would “take advantage” of them in a bid to warm a thousand hearts in the remote areas of the country.

The connections do not only help in accomplishing her human interest goals but they also contribute to her hefty pockets.

When her days of being a vixen came to an end, the same network got her into the media industry as a commercial model and actor.

Conchitah does not only possess a beautiful face and a clean heart but also an intelligent mind. Her primary school life was spent at Mary Immaculate and St. Joseph’s Primary Schools.

She is an alumnus of Mwaani Girls’ High School who graduated from an Oxford-affiliated campus located in Kenya. She studied Computer Science.

After spending a few months in the ‘adulting’ life, she decided to try out Branding Management in Marketing at the University of London, where she is still a student. While still studying, she also works with Britt Broadcast Limited, a company that focuses on broadcast integration.

“We offer solutions for TV and radio stations. Apart from that we also help set up professional broadcast equipment. If someone wants to start a radio or TV station, they come to us,” she explained.

Additionally, she is working on a short film whose identity and more details will not be revealed.

With what you have learned from Conchitah, what is stopping you from developing yourself and your community using the available resources?


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