Luo women are excellent homemakers, do not hesitate to take charge in bed, men say

A woman cleaning her kitchen. (Courtesy/iStockphotos)

The attraction between Kikuyu men and Luo women has been brewing for decades. But the opinions on why the two gravitate towards each other are varied.

For Sam Kinyua, most Luo women are great homemakers, with the ability to turn a house into a welcoming and comfortable place. This comes with an arrogant and impatient attitude, but their loyalty and prowess in the bedroom make up for the attitude.

“They are very stubborn women, but it’s a small price to pay for they know how to keep a clean and welcoming home, taking care of their men with a vigour that makes your feel appreciated,” he said.

Kinyua noted that Luo women are not very entrepreneurial, often preferring the comfort of being taken care of as opposed to hustling.

“She just wants to be taken care of, her family fed and her home well furnished. It is a big difference from Kikuyu women who are always on one business or another trying to make their own money,” he said.

Boniface Muriuki, a businessman in Nyeri town, says the reason Kikuyu men cannot resist the charm of Luo women is their boldness and charm in the bedroom and in dating.

Muriuki opined that Luo women take charge in the bedroom, are adventurous and generous with their partners, often without prompting.

“They don’t play mind games, they will say what they want and take it without hesitation. It’s really refreshing for me as a man who enjoys a woman who is straight to the point,” he said.

He said that in his experience with Luo women, they are also submissive partners and, despite what many modern men may say, they enjoy it when a woman submits to them.

“There is the ‘woke’ perception that submission is outdated, but the feeling of being in a relationship with a woman who knows when to submit and when to take charge is what every man dreams off. We are just afraid to admit it,” he said.

But other men hold a different opinion. Wambugu Nyamu and Wachira Kabukuru say the difference in culture and social status is the main contributor to the attraction between the two communities. Nyamu noted that Luo women adore Kikuyu men because they have certain perceptions about where they come from and what they can provide.

“Many Luo women think Kikuyu men are wealthy but it is because we are entrepreneurial. This give them the perception that we can take care of them and are easy going. To be honest, we are just too tired to argue,” he said.

He noted that traditionally it was difficult for an average Kikuyu man to marry outside of the community because of societal pressure and exposure.

“An average Kikuyu man in a rural area will not find a woman from Luo land unless he leaves his village, and even then, the family pressure will weigh on him,” Nyamu said.

The Nyeri businessman said Kikuyu women are raised to be visionary, entrepreneurial and to lead their families but the only problem is that they had been influenced by “toxic feminists”.

The wealth gap and societal status of Kikuyu men also determines their ability to woo Luo women.

“Wealthy elites are more open minded, and are likely to have access to schools and experiences that give them the freedom and willingness to marry a Luo woman. They have no concerns about societal pressures or cultural expectations,” he said.

Kabukuru said most men will marry women who match their values and cultural beliefs.


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