Rise of Ben 10: This is why we love to date, marry rich 'Mumamas'

Celebrity couple Bahati and Diana Marua. (Courtesy)

The clamour for success, money, power and respect is gaining root in Kenya with artistes leaving no stone unturned in the quest for success.

And with it, new norms have emerged and are transforming love and the marriage institution as some influential people conquer love with partners who are way older than them.

To some, the marriages between older women and younger artistes, politicians and influential businessmen is a special bond designating love as the overall power.

On the flipside, others believe the marriages have ushered in the era of Ben 10 climaxed by older women seeking younger but promising partners in various fields.

And so when the news of the fallout between popular producer Wuod Fibi and his ex-wife Nikita Love Nyar Kano flooded the Internet, it was not a surprise to many people.

In a series of exchanges, Nikita narrated how their love relationship blossomed and how they tried against all odds to keep it afloat.

She also revealed she was a major financier of Wuod Fibi’s lifestyle.

According to Wuod Fibi in a Tik Tok live session, he had no child with Nikita whom he married with four children.

Two years ago, gospel singer Guardian Angel married Esther Musila who was older than him.

Guardian Angel who was then in his 30s got married to Musila who was aged 52 and with two grown-up children.

Despite their age difference, the two lovebirds tied the knot in a colourful wedding.

Netizens however, criticized him for getting married to an older woman.

Similarly, Kevin Bahati who is also a popular musician is married to Diana Marua, has also broken the norm by marrying a woman believed to be older than him.

Despite harsh opinions on social media, that have occasionally been directed at the couple, their union has become stronger.

In 2020, he was branded ‘Mtoto wa Diana’ because of their age difference.

The couple ignored the harsh comments and instead made fun of the Mtoto wa Diana troll on their vlog.

He remains unbothered and keeps on showering his wife with gifts and love.

Pius Muiru, who is a well-known preacher who gained prominence through his Christian television broadcasts at the Maximum Miracle Center in Nairobi is also married to Reverend Lucy Muiru, who is a little bit older than him.

They have been together for over two decades.

These are among other people who have married women older than them.

According to Peter Owenga, 28, older women are more caring, considerate and generous compared to women their own age.

He says he started dating older women in his second year in campus and has never gone back to dating his peers. “Women my own age are demanding, stressful and nag alot,” he said.

Owenga noted that he prefers older women because they are experienced in all aspects of life, especially in the bedroom.

“They know what men like and we don’t have to explain anything to them in regard to sexual proprieties,” he noted.



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