Your dress is your choice, but always consider the potential risks


I think the most difficult task on the planet earth is being a lady. People expect you to be like an angel as they say you are the temple of creation. Most of the challenges come because it has been a man’s world for a long time.

That does not say it is impossible to carry yourself like a lady and go through the challenges as it all comes to discipline and patience.

Most of our mothers were able to conquer the situation but again one can argue those days’ challenges and temptations were fewer, unlike the new era where they have increased especially with the evolving of communication space. When it comes to dressing one will say my dress my choice, which I totally agree with, but one has also to consider what are the consequences of that.

One might put on a mini skirt or even walk with a see-through that will show the undergarment that is their choice and are free to even walk naked if they desire. But they must consider not all people out here are sane and one does not want to attract a chaotic person's attention. I say you can do that but choose the occasion i.e. where everyone is at least civil.

As they say one cannot risk going through a dark alley at night that is notorious with thugs and expect the best outcome.

When it comes to ladies and marriage, I am a believer that marriage is not the measure of success in the society. It is not for everyone, though society expects one to get married and bring up a family. The pressure from society has made many ladies including men to be in abusive relationships so as to please. The only ladies I blame are the ones that believe that married men will leave their wives for them. 90 per cent of such men are liars and will never leave their families for you.

I will say being a lady and able to survive in the society depends on luck, prayers, patience and one to use their sixth sense. They must always be able to ask themselves the question WHY and HOW before making a decision.


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