Harsh economy will force Kenyans to buckle up


The world today is economically challenging for many Kenyans. Numerous individuals are voicing their grievances, and the government is struggling to persuade citizens that economic strain is a global issue.

Whether it be unfortunate or fortunate for the ruling regime and the opposition, they seem to be more focused on exploiting the situation for their own gain, while the other side attempts to provide explanations. However, all of this is essentially politics.

I don't have a fondness for politics; I perceive it as a tool used to manipulate the population to serve personal interests. I believe politics revolves around business interests. Therefore, I will leave the realm of politics to the politicians. 

I have observed that the last time people asked for contributions because their children were joining university was during the eighties and early nineties. That was the time when we experienced the first instances of fraudulent schemes, where a family would take advantage and request contributions.

Instead of using the funds to send their children to university, they would purchase household items or move to better estates.

Now, many people are inviting others to join university contribution WhatsApp groups. Unfortunately, the response has not been favourable as many of the people invited are already paying fees for their children in secondary or primary schools.

This brings me to my pet topic, family planning. The burden of education fees is prompting people to practice family planning, which is a positive outcome. The notion that every child will come with their own plate should be reconsidered. It's essential to ensure you can support and provide a comfortable life for the number of children you decide to have.

Given the current situation, everyone will be compelled to practice economics and learn how to save and manage money responsibly. Bars and restaurants are selling drinks at a lower price, attracting more people, even those thought to be rich(er).

We need to learn how to sacrifice luxuries and even some of their essentials to help them navigate through this challenging phase of life.

Unfortunately, it is a challenging period, even for socialites who will continue to portray a false image of their lives on social media. The main lesson to be learned is "Let us embrace the art of moderation and sacrifice."


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