A man has no business starting a family before 32


‘Despite the beauty of the zebra, it is the donkey that was finally domesticated.’ This saying is loaded with meaning. I find myself rather inexperienced in matters of relationships, for there is nothing I dread more. Some of us approach these matters with caution, guarding our hearts like precious treasures, for fear runs deep within.

However, I put pen to paper today to impart a message to Generation Z, one that transcends the superficial allure of physical beauty and delves into the realms of character and friendship. Relationships, they say, are complex entities and some of us approach them with shields raised high, bearing the scars of past battles.

In a world where ‘it’s a man’s world’ prevails, and in the holy scriptures where it is written that a man shall leave his parental abode to unite with his chosen partner, we find the age-old notion of a man’s responsibility to provide for his family. But times have evolved, and now, women may earn more than their male counterparts, an occurrence that strains many relationships and burdens men with the weight of depression. Some men go to great lengths to portray themselves as providers, and when they cannot meet these expectations, they may even contemplate the unthinkable.

Conversely, when wives become the primary breadwinners, they sometimes exhibit challenging and confrontational behaviour, leading to strife and, in some cases, separation. Hence, I posit that the path to success in marriage lies in men taking their time to achieve financial stability, thereby alleviating a significant portion of the challenges that beset unions. This period of stability also allows men to mature emotionally and mentally, for it is often said that women mature more swiftly than men.

Men are often advised to seek younger partners, but it is my belief that true maturity in a man usually blossoms after the age of 32. It is then that he comprehends the value of respecting women and acknowledges the profound sacrifices they make for their families.


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