Eight things you should be aware of before getting that tattoo

Yet, beyond the cultural allure, tattoos pose health risks worth considering.

Cannabis Sativa: A case for legalisation of the 'holy' herb in Kenya

It has been christened with many names, including the “holy” herb, but it has also been blamed as the root of many evils.

January the best time to go alcohol-free

All you need is the resolve to turn down any alcoholic offers that come your way. You do not need to hide away from social events or other tempting engagements.

December festival indulgences can cause serious health problems

It is pretty obvious that festive events in December can have an impact on your health. If you are the sensible type and do everything in moderation, your health will remain intact.

Hospital's modern equipment gives patients new lease of life

“In some of the hospitals, they only tested for malaria and blood pressure because they lacked equipment. Doctors say I have an internal wound that leaks blood."

Is male menopause a myth or reality? Here's what experts say

As andropause progresses, changes in male sexual function become more noticeable and distressing. This may actually start as early as the fourth decade.

Why walking backwards could boost your health and muscles

Some scientific studies have documented the benefits of retro walking including better gait and balance, optimal walking pace, and improved cardiopulmonary fitness.

Why you should mind your kids' health during this long holiday

They need to start being conscious of their own health from a very early age. Sit with them, review their prevailing health, and use that opportunity to create some health goals they can aim for.

Green prescriptions can work as well as regular meds

Green prescriptions rely on alternate non-medical strategies that can influence your health. The reliance on drugs and other interventions is thus limited, or sometimes completely negated.

What's next after a failed infertility treatment?

Treatment can be elusive, leaving patients and fertility clinicians quite frustrated. 

Never hesitate to seek a second opinion

Sometimes you will end up with the same views, but other times, the alternate specialist might recommend an entirely different course of action.


Expect to eat more omena

Through Kenya Fish Marketing Authority, the government has approached JKUAT to assist in making Kenyans enjoy eating fish. 


University students are having lots of unprotected sex

I am currently volunteering with Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Kenya. I am a peer educator. I am passionate about helping young people (my peers) practice safe sex.


Why condoms break

190 110 760 male condoms distributed in 2021 against a need of 424 million male condoms. 3, 090, 000 million female distributed in 2021 against a need of 8 206 345 female condoms.

Premature death is avoidable

Humans appear to have an almost inexplicable attraction to harmful habits, eventually ending up with suffering and premature deaths.

Patients have a right to all their medical data

There’s an ethical principle called medical candour, which should be upheld by every medic. Any medic who finds it hard to share medical details with patients should be in a different profession.

Passing gas holds important clues about your health

When should you be concerned about passing gas? If you notice that you are passing too much gas, and getting bloated and uncomfortable, you may need to seek some help.


AI in medicine: The good, the bad and the ugly

Humans continue to play a major role in medicine and algorithms driving AI medical applications must initially be coded by humans.

Hospital where mothers can't bathe after delivery

According to the residents, the facility which was constructed in 2007, has been lacking water for the last 16 years.

Over 1200 girls benefit from free sanitary pads

Hooper also said the sanitary kits would ensure that school girls do not fall prey to men.