Steamy cops sex tape goes viral


Two Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers in Nyeri have become the talk of town after a video they recorded while having sex in a hotel room leaked on the internet.
The two are a lady based at the Nyeri Sub County DCI office while her male counterpart is based in the Tetu sub-county. According to a colleague, the male officer had bragged to his friends that no woman would resist his charms and had zeroed in on the female colleague as his target.

“We thought it was a joke but one day he reported on duty as usual after a few minutes, he excused himself and said he was following a serious lead on a very urgent case only for the video to surface later that week,” he said.

The man is nicknamed ‘Simba’ around the office and had just been transferred from Mumias DCI offices over his conduct.
“Tabia zake zinajulikana kila mahali (we know his reputation) even though he is very new here. We overheard some of our colleagues who have worked with him say he has a weakness for women and has no regard for age,” the source said.

It is alleged that ‘Simba’ intentionally recorded the video as proof to one of his friends that he had managed to win the heart of the fetching DCI officer.
“Pengine alipoenda kutumia huyo rafiki yake kibahati mbaya akatuma kwingine na hapo ndipo mambo ilianza kuchemka, alijaribu kuifuta lakini tulikuwa tushaiona (Perhaps, he was sending the video to a friend but by mistake it ended up in a group chat and even after he deleted most had already seen it),” the officer said.
In the video, the man is seen smiling at the camera before and during the recording of the intimate session.

An officer, who sought anonymity, said the video was proof that many officers have a challenge when living away from their families.
“Many of us are young and have needs. It is easy to fall into temptation at your workstation away from the family. You cannot condemn this couple for engaging in an affair,” he said.
Another colleague said that after the video went viral on the internet, Simba said that he felt lonely battling the cold and lonely nights since he had left his wife and family back in Mumias.

“We called him after we saw the video but he said he felt lonely and wanted someone to talk to, especially during the cold Nyeri nights,” he said.


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