How young entrepreneur built errands business through social media


Young and vibrant Kezziah Muriithi, the CEO of Kezz Errands Services, however, does not wear any of the labels most of her Gen Z peers are saddled with.

At 24 years, she has turned her quest in serving others into a business opportunity, an empire that she proudly runs just with a tap on her phone.

Reflect on the countless times you have needed to bank your cheque but you are running late. Remember that time you needed to get groceries from the market but probably the rain, traffic or even laziness played a trick on you? If being a lifesaver was a person, that person would be Kezziah.

Kezziah never dreamt of any of this. Being a broadcast journalist was all she craved.

During an interview with Marion Munyao, TV producer of Millennial on the Move which airs every Thursday at 7.30 pm on KTN HOME, she narrates when life took a turn.

“When I was growing up, I wanted to be a journalist. On reaching Form Four, I changed my mind and took a certificate in counselling psychology. I never thought I’d be doing what I do right now,” said Kezziah.

Unlike most Gen Zs who first look at their phones immediately upon waking up, Kezziah, starts her morning routine with devotion, a whisper of prayer to her Deity followed by reading the scriptures. Then, of course, she goes online to check for orders.

“My typical day, I wake up early in the morning. I do my devotion, as I love Jesus so I must start my day with God. Then I go on my social media platforms, I post a scripture online. Then after that I go to my Instagram or WhatsApp to check the orders that I have,” she said.

Kezziah credits her success to social media influencers like Milly wa Jesus and Pikanaraych who randomly put her on their stories after she delivered their orders to their homesteads.

“One of the highlights in my career was when I served a certain celebrity, Pikanaraych. When I was about to give up in life because of how things were so hard, I Dm’d her and within like two minutes, I saw her typing and she gave me an errand. She sent me a list of items she needed urgently. After a few days, she mentioned me on her Instagram page and from there, my life was never the same again,” Kezziah said with a smile.

A report released by Datareportal in January 2023 shows 33.6 per cent of Kenyans aged 18 and above are on social media. This translates to 10.15 million Kenyans. Of interest is 44.3 per cent of these are female while 55.7 per cent are male. The numbers, however, have dropped since January 2022. Last year, the numbers were about 11.75 million.

But for a young entrepreneur like Kezziah, the future remains very bright.


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