The dark side of winning: What everyone forgets

A stressed businessman sitting at his desk. (Courtesy/iStockphoto)

The sad fact about life is that no on cares about your story until you win. You see most systems work in such a way that rewards only the winner. It is how life is cast and nothing is changing soon. At the recent passing out parade for new military recruits, the president directed a lot of good words to the recently deceased general Ogolla in summoning the new recruits to live up to be the very best in their trade.

He mourned his death and recounted the loss his departure caused the military. With him in the ill-fated flight were several other distinguished soldiers that anchored the general, but they get minimal or no mention at all because they were others. The title others is a generic terms used to clump together everything else that range from the second best to the extreme mediocre.

Animals are pretty much the same in making choices. Actually, I mean females, because male animals’ choices are manipulated by a lot of illusions and curves that don’t make sense. Women on the other hand take only the best depending on what they are looking for.

It could be his intimidating muscles that make her weak, his baritone voice that make her belly churn with excitement or his success in business or whichever field he specialises in. They reward the best with marriage and absolute loyalty or sex adlibitum to appreciate the amount of sacrifice they have put in to stand head and shoulder above their peers. It’s a woman’s duty. 

Only the best gets the applause. In athletics, they are lucky because the best three make the podium to flank the winner like trophy girls in an exhibition expo. In soccer and everything else, the winner carries it all.

Ask Baba how agonizingly close he has come to winning the presidency of this county but just fell short. For a short period of time when emotions are raw his supporters conjure all forms of hypotheses and justification to empathize only to heal and accept that he has been only second best.

You see, this is where confusion starts. It becomes a scramble bigger and more intense than the scramble for Africa and it makes sense because the simple reason why the whole of Europe came for a piece of Africa was because she was a virgin treasure.

Every man craves a woman that is untouched. Problem is that once she is deflowered everybody can touch her and there is no footprint of proof of mismanagement of the assets thereof afterwards.

Women were generally designed to be caregivers and nurturers. We automatically see good and run after it to appreciate. Success diverts our attentions inadvertently and subconsciously.



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